A mysterious disease has turned into the Hulk Briton


Why did I turn into the Hulk? So the question is given every 50-year-old woman suffering from a mysterious illness that causes her muscles throb and harden.

According to the tabloid Daily Mail, 14 years ago, a resident of the English city of Wednesbury — Helen Stephens (Helen Stephens) — for the first time felt that it is something like this: woman felt pain in the chest, and then the muscles of her body involuntarily began to decline. Spasm was so severe and sudden that the British has not even had time to call for help. Once the attack was over, Helen went to the hospital and told the doctors about the strange illness that resulted in her muscles increases dramatically and harden.

On the basis of her complaints doctors made a preliminary diagnosis: a syndrome of muscle stiffness (stiff person syndrome) — a rare neurological syndrome characterized by increased muscle tone and painful spasms. However, further tests, including the use of magnetic resonance imaging did not confirm the doctors. The doctors threw up their hands in confusion and unusual patient reported that as long as they do not establish the cause of her mysterious illness, they can not prescribe medication. Since then 14 years have passed, but the 50-year-old Helen Stephens never heard of Aesculapius correct diagnosis.

Meanwhile, because of the strange diseases a woman can not lead a normal life — to eat, wash or move to another room it needs the help of another person.

"Every day I wake up in a darkened room, reminding me a coffin, and I fear that everything will start again. Once I start attack, I swells as the Hulk — my muscles grow and become so strict that if time does not make an injection of diazepam (anticonvulsant agent), the needle will not enter into my body, "- describes the attack Briton. Doctors assigned a unique patient diazepam to ease her little fortune. However, even high doses of anticonvulsant capable, according to pharmacists," turn off "12 people, there is little than help Helen.

Recently, doctors have said that at their disposal did sverhchustvitelny test, which is likely to help them solve the mystery of the mysterious disease. According to experts, even if the analysis does not confirm the syndrome of muscle stiffness, then the results will be useful for further research.

Anna Romantseva

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