A secret prophecy elder Filofeem Doomsday



…Filippov post I prayed in his hermitage after midnight. Then a lot of snow piled on. And that night was such a snowfall that piled higher than a man. And suddenly my heart was pounding in my chest so that I thought, now I jump out and give up the ghost. Barely managed to whisper, "Just give me, O Lord, before the end of repentance" — and fell.

Open your eyes, I saw myself lying on the street unfamiliar city. Huge stone house, with large brightly lit windows. But then the light from the candles do not, but on something else, as if the sunlight in the houses, inside. Seen among them at home, in which the window to the ground, and they can see green trees, as if a small fir, decorated with colored lights and bright balls of different things, the appointment of which I do not know, and clothing. There are a lot of people, all going somewhere fast, both men and women, all dressed in strange clothes. Winter, and no snow, but freezing. And a lot of the street lights. Huge tall mast on which the star's light.

Between them hung a rope with small multi-colored luminous stars. The whole earth is clad in stone, sometimes a sleek gray and sometimes some big rocks. Suddenly, right at me rushing a low shed on wheels, followed by another and another. They are people. Among the low sheds where people sit, eat high barns where someone sits and who is worth it. There are barns with long horns that cling to the rope. I have time to think that if I nadvinetsya a barn, it will crush me, and I pray. But they seemed to rush through me. And I understand that only they can see.

And suddenly the earth opens up beneath them.



And they fall into the gaping maw of the earth. I can hear people screaming and moaning. Something rings, so I laid the ears. And the gap is growing in the ground. And so it starts to fall iron poles, to which are attached the street stars, and the house in which the middle of the night sun shines. With homes piled stones, they kill people, people are bleeding, and swallows the abyss. And suddenly on the ropes with colored lights running the flame away from it all lights up, fly spray of fire. Rope burn, burn sheds on wheels, burning houses, people screaming, choking on blood, and all falls into the abyss.

I pray for the salvation of souls are perishing, but I heard a voice: "They were no help. They did not know the fear of God and lived a single day. They do not want eternal life, and they will not have earned during his earthly journey. " "Who are you?" — I scream, shouting terrifying sounds that stunned me. "I am the angel of death, and I came to shake their harvest. Look into the abyss, "- he says. I walk over to the edge of the abyss and look down. In front of me appears truly awful spectacle: that terrible monster mouth hole that held up her mouth and happily humming, devouring everything and everyone falls into it. "Pray, insane!" — I cry. But my voice no one hears, he is drowning in the roar of horror and suffering. And the voice that just now, the voice of the angel of death, said to me: "Listen to the cries of the dying.

They murmur, they complain about the injustice. They are not willing to repent. They do not need a Savior. And they will not be saved. " "But if they now prayed?" — I ask. "He who at the last moment begged be saved — meets the angel of death. — But they do not want to. They lived by different rules, and now marvel why their rules and laws do not help them. " Around hear curses, screams of terror and pain, someone is asking for help to others. But no one remembers the Savior, no one does not repent of their sins, no one shouts: "Merciful God, have mercy on me, a sinner!"

In my eyes people are dying, burning alive, sinking into the earth, are buried under the stones crumbling houses. The blood under the influence of frost freezes in stone, and everything around becomes crimson. With a roar and more crumbling walls, the trees are lit with a whistle in the air spreads the suffocating smell of burning human flesh. I can hear the sound of the wild, but that is not the ringing of bells, not alarm. Rings on all sides, and it seems that by the ringing, noise and shouting now head burst …

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