A series of weak shocks in Armenia can be a precursor to a large earthquake — expert

A series of weak shocks in Armenia can be a precursor to a large earthquake - expertAccording to the director of the Institute of Geophysics and Engineering Seismology, National Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Sevada Hovhannisyan, the world level of seismic hazard has increased, but this is not evidence that the danger has now reached the highest point.

"Worldwide, the number of earthquakes has increased. It is difficult to answer the question, What is the reason. Some people think that once a millennium earthquake become stronger. At 1000-1200-ые years. Powerful earthquake. Adding the 1000 years , it is clear that the activity of earthquakes caused by this cycle, "- said geophysicist, speaking about the often recorded in the Armenian recently weak earthquakes.

"The magnitude of recorded earthquakes in Armenia is 3-4, so that they do not carry the risk, but the fact that they occur in the same direction (Ararat Yerevan-Sevan), from a scientific point of view, we are concerned, and In our opinion, this is a harbinger of a major earthquake in the next few years ", — said Hovhannisyan, quoted Yerevan newspaper" 168 Hours. "

Recall that recently MES submitted for approval to the government document "Evaluation of seismic vulnerability of particular importance, and in Yerevan, in terms of seismic safety," in which, inter alia, that "the seismic risks in Armenia today reached their time high. " Indicated that the increased risk associated with the new cycle of seismic activity, low seismic resistance of buildings and structures, the high level of urbanization, lack of attention to special buildings and the importance of (chemical plants, hydropower plants, thermal power plants, high-rise buildings, schools, water, health facilities), low awareness of population, socio-economic situation and other factors.

It is interesting here that, according to the agency "Ecolur", including vulnerable to seismic point of view of buildings of special importance, and appear as a government building and parliament of the republic.

Also recall that the weak perturbations crust, detected today in Armenia, increased after a major earthquake in Turkey's Van province in the east of the country October 23, 2011. Then the magnitude of the earthquake in the epicenter was 6.6. More than 600 people were killed, thousands were injured, including — as a result of a very strong aftershocks in two weeks. Van epicenter of the earthquake was 150 km. south of Yerevan, where there is vibration force to 5 points on the Richter scale. This has led to disruptions in cellular systems and has caused great concern of citizens, many of whom had to leave their homes.


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