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Once in Vietnam Tan Bean, near Ho Chi Minh, the house burned to the ground, floated to the surface of the truth about the paranormal 11-year-old girl, whose family lived in this building. According to her parents, the ability to uncontrolled Pyrokinesis daughter they found a month before the tragedy, when the house suddenly burned all wiring. In addition, resting at the resort of Vung Tau, she burned in a hotel room and an electric bell light switch. Also, for no apparent reason on the girl's clothing caught fire.

After a fire in a house that has emerged, despite the precautions taken, the family of "Firestarter" lives in constant stress and fear. All who are in the temporary apartment appliances get away from it, and in reach of households are always buckets of water and wet towels.

Worried about the future of the child, the parents gave their consent to be studied by scientists from Hong Kong and the International University in Ho Chi Minh City. Already during the first test, a local expert on the paranormal Du Quang Chau and his colleague from Hong Kong Dr. Nguyen Manh Hung found "something strange." Devices showed strong radio frequency interference emitted by the right hemisphere of the brain schoolgirls. It is possible that these impulses, like a microwave oven, and the fires are prichinlnoy items. In this survey in a children's hospital Cho Ray, the girl did not show any abnormalities — by the standards of modern medicine, it is healthy.

The next thing to do than going to an international team of researchers — is to study the impact of a young Vietnamese especially on the environment. To do this, you will create a special area in which it is able to fully develop their abilities pirokineticheskie without fear of harm to people.

End of the world and "Crystal Skull"

In anticipation of the promise of the Mayan calendar "end of the world," which, according to the ancient tablets, come December 21 of this year, there was a sad event, which is, according to experts, a bad omen. The fact that in the laboratory of the German Glauchau while taking pictures of a staff member accidentally dropped the "Crystal Skull" Maya made of volcanic rock about a thousand years ago and was nicknamed Cuauhtemoc. As a result of a magical artifact, which, according to tradition, must save mankind from destruction, broke off a large piece of the lower jaw, and now it seems to no longer be able to serve the great mission of saving the planet.

According to historians, the "Crystal Skull" was kidnapped by a group of Nazis in Tibet between 1937 and 1939. Then it belonged to Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler, then it is owned by a British soldier, who was present at the arrest fascist. Only after that, he moved to the historian Thomas Ritter.

According to the scientist, the Nazis were convinced that the one who will bring 13 such skulls, will have power over the world — this legend, common in Mexico and Central America. That's why Himmler and financed numerous search expeditions sent to all corners of the world.

It is worth noting that recently American archaeologists said if found another Mayan calendar, which today is the oldest of all known. It was created in the IX century and, in contrast to other similar documents, contains no hint of the approaching end of the world. According to this calendar, the world will continue to exist for at least 7000 years.

However, it is possible that this information is false and intended only to reassure the population. After all, the closer a sad day, the more panic appears in the society. So, for example, about 100,000 pilgrims from different countries will arrive by 21 December in the French countryside Bugarash located in the department of Aude in the south-west of the country. They hope that it will be saved thanks to the mountain Bugarash which, they believe, is endowed with mystical properties.

Barack Obama spoke about aliens

The famous American actor Will Smith told reporters that recently appeared in an awkward situation, related to the topic of space aliens.

According to the actor, before his visit to the White House, where he and his family were invited by U.S. President Barack Obama, his 13-year-old son Jaden said he intends to ask the first person in the country that he was aware of the existence of extraterrestrials. Smith did not discourage the boy, hoping for his prudence. But the next day, when Obama showed guests the so-called "Situation Room," Jaden asked yet seditious matter.

On this U.S. President told him: "I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of aliens, but I can tell you that if there was a top secret meeting, or if there was a discussion on this, it would have happened in this room."

Smith, who starred in all three parts of the film "Men in Black", as well as in a number of classic science-fiction films, explained to journalists that he is very aware of the issue of human contact with aliens. "I already have a top-secret information — said the actor. — I just can not share it. You do not think that I was doing all of these films, and was not informed of the White House? Of course, I know. I just can not tell you. "

But what Hollywood star meant, remained a mystery.

Aliens cause deformities?

The tragic events recently swept the British town of Northfleet, located in the county of Kent, where one street at once, nine children were born with severe abnormalities. All infants diagnosed with gastroschisis, in which the bowel does not grow from the inside and the outside of the body. Given the fact that in normal circumstances a disease observed in one child out of every 7000, as a large number of affected infants — a real anomaly.

Town, where the tragedy occurred, surrounded by nature in a patriarchal England, among the green meadows and little wood, so it is unlikely it is a consequence of poor environment. In any case, the researchers found no water in the atmosphere and no harmful substances.

However, the picture is a little clearer, when arrived at the scene ufologists. Already in the first polls, they concluded that there is increased activity Northfleet UFO. Further investigation revealed that over the street, home sick children, is a kind of "track" on which the dart back and forth every night, unidentified flying objects. True, they managed to secure only by sensitive cameras — to the naked eye to discern anything was possible.

However, once the authorities learned about the conclusions of ufologists who have linked to the activities of gastroschisis epidemic aliens in immediately were put rumors designed to shift attention to the man in the street more prosaic reasons. According to an alternative version, the reason was the poisoning of pregnant women herbicides. However, it is unclear why people suffered only one street, and not all the citizens.

In other words, the government and security forces of Great Britain once again showed that it is not interested in discovering the truth about the consequences of stay of aliens on the territory under their control. Perhaps there is a place or a conspiracy, or complete impotence in the machinations of a powerful enemy from space.

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