Abnormal News: humanoids, zombies and end of the world

End of the world causes unrest

Recently, sociologists from the company held an IPSOS survey, which involved more than 16,000 people from 21 countries. The aim was to find analysts — believe if the civilized world in the imminent end of the world.

According to the results, about one in seven of those surveyed said that they personally see as the planet comes to an end, without specifying — for what reason and in what year. One in ten thinks that it will happen, according to the Mayan calendar, December 21 this year.

France of the study is the most optimistic country — only 6% of the respondents in this country expect a speedy end of the world. Most in the "Mayan prophecy" believe in China — 20% of the population.

Russia in this list is an intermediate position — only 13% of respondents believe that the end of the world will happen in December. On the same level of "faith" are residents of the U.S., Turkey and Mexico.

Most of those who have concerns about the approaching apocalypse, believe that the end of the Mayan calendar means a global catastrophe — the death of all life on Earth with a flood, a meteorite impact or change the poles of the magnetic field of the planet.

On this occasion, it should be said that in early 2011, Mexican researchers published a study that claimed that any predictions of the Mayan end of the world does not exist in principle. According to them, the Indians have calculated their calendar to December 21, 2012, but never pointed it that after the end of the world. Calendar just ended, and all. However, this information seems to have not been properly received by earthlings.

Three humanoid in the forest

UFO on statistics in the world on a monthly basis is more human contact with the extraterrestrial civilizations. However, the information on them is literally drowning in a muddy stream of fictional stories about encounters with humanoids different species that compose wishing to get easy fame citizens or mentally ill subjects. Therefore, experts have to sift through the contacts on the mass messages to discover the real stories of our civilization contacts among the guests from space. On one of these cases will be discussed below.

Once a resident of the American state of Texas sought from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a statement that has been in contact with the aliens, the story, of course, was first classified as a "doubtful". But further testing contactee, including through psychic methods, showed that he was telling the truth and saw what he describes.

According to the man, who is not allowed to give publicity to his name, on March 20, he met in the woods three strange creatures, surrounded by blue-green haze. When you look at them Texan felt discomfort and nausea. However contactee was not timid, and despite the physiological problems, tried to approach the humanoids.

When he was a few steps away from creatures, they are making a sound that is impossible to describe or repeat, turned away from him. Thus, their faces were hidden from the observer.

There was a pause, and then a helicopter appeared in the sky, which, apparently alarmed the trinity. Aliens (and who else could it be?) Ran with superhuman speed — about 60 kilometers per hour. Of course, catching up so fast moving fugitives man did not even try.

According to the contactee, he did not see any flying UFOs, but on closer inspection of the place where the aliens were originally noticed strange "green stuff." Do not delay, Americans went home and wrote a letter to MUFON.

Though experts of the organization did not report the things they had on the ground, there is no doubt that the samples of this "green stuff" were in their possession. Maybe they found other evidence of stay of aliens, but reliable information is not available.

Zombies are among us

Only some one hundred years ago was a taboo topic of zombies. People in great secrecy to tell each other about the secret practice of voodoo sorcerers, which could raise the dead, and turned into obedient slaves still living people who are not fortunate enough to take their drugs.

Few people wanted to be a zombie, and the fear of becoming a walking corpse was much stronger than the fear of death. But the writers and filmmakers gradually moved zombie theme, first in the category of terrible, but tolerant, and then completely turned it into a comedy. In the existence of zombies become so lost faith that makes these monsters heroes of children's films, and used for mass entertainment.

The incident, confirming a similar trend has been detected recently in the Philippine province of Laguna. There's almost five thousand people took part in the championship … runaway from zombies.

According to organizers of the tournament, they try to get rid of athletes from boredom and monotony that accompany long-distance runners. To do this, the whole route was placed about two hundred actors portraying zombies. They hid behind trees and bushes, and on the long rocky climbs to surprise unsuspecting runners.

The belt of each of the athletes were assigned to three tapes, the loss of each of which symbolized the bite. If the runner is lost all the tapes — he was declared "dead" and drop out of the fight for prizes.

But none of the participants of the show did not dwell on whether there is actually a zombie? And it's very sad, because if such a thing exists, then someone from him to really suffer. A treated with humor to others tortured, at least inhumane.

Given that this issue might interest readers of the "anomalous news", we asked for comments to the expert of our publication hereditary witch Irina. That's what she said.

"The state of a zombie — it is extremely undesirable form of existence. While the "living dead" roam the earth, his soul actually enslaved and can not fully control the body or reincarnate. This demonic, often suffered by any innocent people who are victims of black magicians.

By the way, most of the zombies — they are not the subjects of robotichnye what their presents cinema. In fact, they are almost indistinguishable from humans, the only difference is that they have free will is absent. This does not solve anything puppets, doomed to subjection. Therefore tragicomic image of zombie movies is very beneficial to their owners, because it allows the public to divert attention from the real issue of enslavement of living beings. "

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