Accommodation for illegal immigrants kicked out of Russian citizens

In Lomonosov — is near St. Petersburg — Local officials plan to open the accommodation center of illegal migrants. Good intentions turned into a scandal because the offenders for placement of the building on the street kicked quite legitimate current tenants.

The charges have given people a month. A correspondent of the Fifth Channel, Ekaterina Ivanova saw what can turn this decision (see video)

At an impromptu meeting dormitory residents gathered in just 5 minutes. Pent up. Almost 100 people would be about in the street. A building will give guest workers — here, in Lomonosov, will be the center of temporary residence of illegal migrants.

To collect things took a month. After all, we must also repair the building and prepare to move guests from neighboring countries. This was once the center of the hostel and vocational school for orphans. Rooms surrendered children. And along with them and staff, many came to work in distribution.

Nadezhda Vasilieva — English teacher. When the school was closed, it was cut. Desperate final, where she not only wrote, came to the president.

Nadezhda Vasilieva, "It's just an impossible situation. A month does not really find anything, especially since I'm running one husband. I'm not working, I have two small children and minors. "

The local administration did not understand where so much anger — let them go back to where you came from, well, in the end, because they are registered somewhere …

Young family with two small children, the youngest just 3 months Timothy, officials graciously offered to move to the place of residence — in the wooden house, it just bought, now here is a repair. Light, water, basic amenities there. And in such circumstances raise kids, and even in winter, is not clear.

And the center, say officials, is necessary. Somewhere there must be illegal immigrants. For the safety of these same people. And then to the airport and not far away, and the ring around. Saving budget money is available. We'll have to move out.

Sergey Smirnov, head of the Committee for Security and Law Enforcement Administration of the Leningrad region: "We understand their problems and troubles. But he created quite comfortable at a certain stage, they paid a minimal fee for being on the premises. But everything comes to an end. "

Citizens, meanwhile, has called the future center of the prison. And to live side by side with the perpetrators do not want. True, they were not asked.

In the village of Red, this suburb of St. Petersburg, such a center already operating. And, in the same building as the Lyceum. On the one hand the children sit at their desks, on the other — from peering grids detainees.

After a year and in the Lomonosov center a barbed wire and bars on the windows. Lawyers, however, strongly recommend the hostel residents to go to court. Put them out by force can only ushers.

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