Advance Directive Pentagon prepare for war

World froze in only one wrong step away from complete financial, economic and geopolitical collapse. While talking on the background of the debt ceiling and negative indicators of economic development, and the major media softened the tone of reporting on the conflict in the Middle East, from plans for a military invasion of Iraq, no one refused.

Reports The Daily Crux:

In Robert Baer had a brilliant career, during which in the 1990s, he was in Iraq, where I organized opposition to Saddam Hussein. (Then he was called back after accusations of the killing of Saddam).

Baer is no ordinary CIA operative. George Clooney won an Oscar, playing a role based on the individual Baer in the film Syriana.

Of course he did not name all of his sources in Israel, the U.S. and other countries, but some of these names they are figures in the Israeli intelligence services, who have publicly warned that Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak are obsessed with war.

Appearing on radio KPFK, Baer warned that Netanyahu "Most likely, will ignite a war with Iran in the near future." It gets worse, "Baer was asked why the U.S. military is not mobilizing to prevent this war. Baer responded that the military hinder, such as former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who during the Bush and Obama used his influence to keep Israel from attack. But now he is gone, and "Inside the Pentagon circulated a preliminary order to prepare for war." A special moment: There is a "near certainty" that Netanyahu is "planning an attack [on Iran] … and it is likely to happen in September, before the vote on a Palestinian state. He also hopes to involve in the conflict and the U.S., "said Baer."

Although President Obama is not quite fully support Israel (at least publicly), an attack on Iran by the Israelis, of course, will be considered by Iran as an attack carried out with the support of the United States. In that case, Iran would respond militarily against all U.S. forces in the region, especially in Iraq, will appear as soon as the first signs of problems. U.S. response will cause a massive fire in response, perhaps even using nuclear weapons to nullify the possibility of Iran's response to this answer.

What will China, in this case remains unknown variable, but it is clear that the U.S. and China are engaged in a covert economic, financial and cyber war. Recent UN action in Libya may be sold to the public as a peacekeeping action, but in the background left side of the issue, with China as a result of the conflict had evacuated 30,000 of its employees with subsidized them Libya's oil facilities. This begs the question is not whether the action of the UN veiled attempt to control oil interests in North Africa. How long will it be before the Chinese decide that their interests have been damaged, and they respond militarily? Whether Iran is the catalyst that will make the game and enter China?

In our opinion, what we have seen in the Middle East since 2002, including the destabilization of the regional governments in the past 12 months, is a harbinger of war, which eventually will cover the whole world.

Will the position of the critical point in September, or later, does not matter. The war is the world, and indeed whenever the economy empires crumble, and when there are conflicting interests, resources of different countries.


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