Airports, roads and ports are closed in southern Sakhalin because of the storm

 Airport, highway, railway and ferry in southern Sakhalin closed because of gale force winds and strong storms, said on Saturday Regional GUMCHS.

According FSBI "Sakhalin AHEM" in the southern region there are extensive cyclone, wind west 20-24 meters per second, the temperature of minus 6 — minus 11, snow, strong snowstorm visibility less than 100 meters.

"In order to ensure the safety of road users, due to low visibility, desertion from 08.30 (Sakhalin time) is closed for the passage of all types of transport road Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk — Korsakov. Until weather conditions improved closure of airports, railway, ferry," — said in the message.

MOE said that all ferries wait out bad weather Vanino.

EMERCOM of Russia on Sakhalin asks citizens not to travel outside the settlements.

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