Alaska found drives like Phaistos

Unique information relics, called "Phaistos Disk", became the most mysterious object that attracts the attention of many researchers. The very first discs were found in Alaska, and so far scientists could not fully decipher the inscriptions on them.This Alaska archaeologists conduct excavations in the places where formerly prehistoric pile dwellings. During these excavations have been discovered by scientists and several discs with petroglyph symbols. At first, the scientists took them for ordinary stones, but were found after several similar media.

RIA Novosti news service provided details of such an important cultural and archaeological event, which was the main source of the press service of the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. Scott Shiraro, managing archaeological expedition, said that the very first clay disc more like rock with a few scratches. When archaeologists found a second disc having an opening and a complex engraving joy knew no bounds.

Excavations conducted in Alaska, in the north-western part. Shiraro expedition plans to study in detail the symbolic drawings and petroglyphs that were discovered about 40 years ago on the boulders scattered along the shores of Lake Noatak. These petroglyphs have been found in the south-western United States, but, as noted, For Alaska such finds are unique.


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