Albanian women who live their whole lives under the guise of men



In order to meet these women, the photographer Jill Peters had to make a trip to the northern part of Albania. There, in the mountain villages, they are "man's" life — so tells them their culture and their society.

Many women have taken actor from an early age. They did this in order to get around the ancient laws, which state that a woman is the property of her husband.

The right to vote, drive a car, do business, earn money, drinking, smoking, swearing, wearing trousers and bear arms is traditionally considered here only for men. Young girls are usually forced to marry, often for the elderly in remote villages. But women have another alternative — to become a "foul-mouthed virgins" and … acquire the status of men with all its attendant rights.

To declare surrounding his decision, the woman cuts hair, dresses in men's clothes and sometimes even changes the name. Men's habits and demeanor specially produced, and eventually become "second nature." And most importantly — a woman makes a vow to remain a virgin until the end of his days.

It is interesting that these virgins are highly respected in the community. Their "transformation" in the men fully and unconditionally accepted all the surroundings. But the most surprising — these women have virtually no regrets about what he had to sacrifice.

Here are a few photos of "foul-mouthed virgins":








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