Already weekend, October 9-10,


Wind …

+10-12 degrees.

Do not pass:

October 9 — in Mogilev in the History Museum of the meeting of the Belarusian Voluntary Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture with the local history asset in memorialization burial places participants in the uprising in 1863

October 10 — Congress of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Community" (Minsk, Masherova 8)

October 10 — in the Church of St.. Joseph Maladzechna in a sermon in Belarusian perform Cardinal Jozef Tomko, Special Envoy of the Pope.


Alexander Lukashenko's visit to China.

In Berlin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel meets with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

There is a reason:

October 9 — World Post Day.

ALSO These days:

October 10 — World Day against the Death Penalty.

October 9, 1547 — Born of Spanish writer Miguel Servantes.

October 9, 1648 — ON troops took Pinsk.

October 9, 1789 — France banned torture.

October 9, 1813 — born composer Giuseppe Verdi.

October 10, 1833 — died composer Michal Oginski Kleofas

October 9, 1892 — Born Croatian writer and Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric.

October 10, 1939 — between Lithuania and the Soviet Union signed an agreement, which resulted in the Vilna area came to Lithuania.

October 9, 1965 — Yesterday the song of The Beatles topped the American charts.

October 9, 1967 — killed Ernesto Che Guevara.

October 10, 1938 — died in the Gulag writer Adam Folk male.

October 9, 1940 — John Lennon was born.

October 10, 1957 — born poet Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk.

October 9, 1977 — The first flight into space by Vladimir Kovalenko.

October 10, 1990 — Kiev students on hunger strike to demand the independence of Ukraine.

MINUS 365:

Marathon Belarusian Atlyantydy: KGB

Quote to remember:

"It's amazing how little we need to be happy, and even more amazing how often we miss just one malastsi."

Ivo Andric.

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