America faint from the heat

From established in the central U.S., and on the east coast heat wave continues to affect about 150 million Americans. In Washington, New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore on Saturday the thermometer exceeded the mark of 38 degrees Celsius, and in Atlantic City air is warmed to 41 degrees.
As the meteorologists, because of the extremely high humidity is a feeling that the temperature is several degrees higher than the thermometer shows. Forecasters have warned that in some states the heat will last at least until the middle of next week.
Thousands of people are looking for salvation from an all-time high temperature on the coast. In the New York four city beaches are still closed because of a fire at a water treatment plant in the Hudson River were millions of gallons of untreated sewage. Authorities in many cities have canceled a fee for attending municipal pools, but because of the huge number of people wishing to swim session stay in them had to limit 45 minutes, according to ITAR-TASS.
Because of the massive use of air conditioners citizens grid can not handle the increased load. Saturday left without electricity for about 10 thousand residents of New York.
Unprecedented heat is not the first week is the main theme of the American media. Television show video footage in which children and adults are bathed in city fountains and buy water, ice cream and a fan. Particularly inventive Americans even fry an egg and bake cookies on the hot hood of the car.

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