America struck by an epidemic of mental illness, Russia will suffer the same fate


Teach your children not to laugh schizophrenics, be considerate themselves, if not out of mercy to the sick, or at least out of a sense of self-preservation

My 18 year old son volunteered in the children's summer camp near Toronto. Calls, says all like, "only children some depressive everything." He said he would come — will tell. Narrated by my hair stood on end.
— To look at all children as children — said Ruslan. — One girl was so polite, clever, just a sample, studies in the eighth grade. But once it is in great need … Right in the tent she shared with two other girls. When we asked her why, she shrugged: "Just wanted to like that." She was not ashamed. Another girl, about fifteen years old, was constantly on anti-depressants. She constantly needed to communicate.
She always went with me and called, "Ruslan." I turn around, she says nothing, watching.
— Maybe you like it?
— No. She and the others walked.
Keep in mind, the camp, which tells my son — the most common. There records of any children who want and pay.
Another was a boy of nine, whose mother died of cancer. A father married another, and the boy problems with his son stepmother. So he came up with himself that he is — an insect.
And walking, holding hands under the nose and wiggles his fingers like an insect moves his mustache. And sounds like it is very strange …
Son recorded these sounds and played me. Well, inhuman squeak.
— Before you eat something, this boy sniffs food — continues to son. — And then there was the boy bully who beats everyone and constantly tries to escape from the camp. Once we got him already in the woods. Him for ten years, but he's so strong that we had to sit down on it to hold it. While held, decided to call the police or not … We decided to leave it in the camp, not cause. So he then scored a good thing: beat those boys who teased our "insect". Teases that he has no mother …
Son told, and told, and I think that's such children could easily kill a counselor at night. And what, "I just wanted to" …
I read about the murder of children in the American school and was upset, but not surprised.
Here in North America, where I live, just, in my opinion, an epidemic of mental
disorders among children and youth. A few years ago I was called by Pope Russian-speaking teenager. It turned out, my son began a mental illness. At 17 years of age.
Once at school studied one book … I did not read it, Dad boy told me that there children are killed pin through the anus. Maniacs like (well, and who
else?). It was after this book at the guy and happen to "obssessivno-compulsive syndrome." Who cares what it is — Find a Wikipedia description of the disease.'s Father comforted his son, he insists: "I do not want to live in a dirty and cruel world." In the end, the guy had to leave school.

Paintings in one of the Toronto schools for high school students
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The psychologist, who called for help from the parents, the boy explained that the world is different — the parents rape their children, and in general, psychologists say, many dads there shameful thoughts at the sight of children, but that does not mean that these are bad dad, "this OK — they constrain themselves. "Of course, the boy remained in his" gone crazy. " (One is not, I think it
convinced of goodness of this world …).
Recently visited me in Toronto friend from Kansas City. Says that Americans are just that, do not treat children, and feed them with antidepressants. "The neighbors have grown two twin boys.'s Mom and dad were divorced from the boys was my stepfather. Well he spoke with them. They also met with relatives dad. But, as grown up, realize that you can take advantage of the situation and began to complain to the Pope's stepfather , stepfather to my father, myself bargaining benefits and concessions. Adults swore, swore, and tired. And, as is customary, turned to the psychologist. Those appointed antidepressants. Bottom line: to 17 years in one of the boys put on weight incredibly, the second hung himself. "
A few days ago the newspaper "Toronto Star" published an article entitled "Antidepressants are suspected in the murder of Canadian children." The investigation of the newspaper showed that these drugs since 2002 have harmed or driven to suicide, at least about 400 children and adolescents.
Gives an example: "At nine year old boy quickened his breath, he lost his balance and died during treatment with three different antidepressants … 15-year-old boy had a problem with the heartbeat and he had convulsions before he decided to kill himself. Took an antidepressant" Seroquel "… 15-year-old girl killed herself at a time when taking an antidepressant "Prozac." 28 cases resulted in deaths, including the suicide of a nine-year boy in three weeks after he started taking an antidepressant "Zoloft." Most of the children taking these drugs had convulsions or attempted suicide while taking the drugs. "
The same "Toronto Star" blows in another article about another trouble. On the continent — the epidemic of autism. Two years ago it suffered a mental disorder, one child in every 150 is now one of the 88. Reasons disease no one knows. Who says genetics (but like this — mass of people at once in genetics began crashes?), who says a new generation of vaccines with a substance containing mercury, guiltily (autism usually appear or appears in the third year of life, just after vaccination), some believe that the blame genetically modified food.
There is even a theory that the world government launched an experiment to "manufacture" of people who are very comfortable: they are able to perform repetitive work (standing at the bench and did not shine), many can not speak, almost all do not want to communicate with others, so that they can not arrange a mutiny … a kind of a robot, each one of which has its own outstanding ability, and the utter impotence of the rest.
My friend, a Russian grandmother autistic girl, says that children get brain damage: the tumor, and autism and other illnesses because they caved information to which the child's brain is not adapted. Just not calculated. We are with you during the Soviet era cartoons watched two, maximum three times a day for 5-10 minutes each. In modern kids from the cradle to the TV "to develop programs." There's singing and jumping, there wild colors and endless series of rotating images. Hours! Add to this game consoles for older children …
A man goes into a different world from the cradle, he gets used to communicate with the "beings" who do not have to answer, which does not need to communicate — and in fact it is the symptoms of infantile autism. Someone will laugh at my grandmother, but in North America at conferences Psychologists have already voiced this theory. With excessive flow of information cripples the brains of children, working parents are left in the care of electronic sources …
But aside while theory. The fact that in the West, at least in Canada, the state does not treat autism. Like many other psychiatric illness. Doctors have decided once and for all that it is incurable, and children with different disabilities simply fed pellets, making them convenient for parents and teachers. And then still wonder how such zakormlenny not attending, and crippling pills grown up child goes and shoots the whole world …
I shall please the readers that in Russia and Ukraine deviation sorts of children treated. Some heal, others corrected the better behavior. Here, in Russia, in fact applying medicines: nootropics, brain stimulating, soothing homeopathic and herbal remedies. I know Russian boy who was diagnosed with autism, Canada, and his parents went to the home, and treated the child for almost three years. He is now five years old.
Treated ordinary Soviet agents: nootropics, soothing soft money, physical therapy, speech therapy, massage, educational games. Moreover, our doctors vengeance call: "The earlier treated, the better the result!" In Canada do not treat, and generally exhibit the earliest diagnosis of 4-5 years, and before that simply advise the child to "develop."
But what is good for the same West and Canada, is the fact that these children are not allowed to tease, to them in schools puts personal assisstentov, work with them for free development specialists.
When I came to Canada, I could not understand why the schools are so strict anti-teasers. "I, too, big deal!" — I chuckled to myself when I was summoned to the school his son just because he called some stupid boy.
Now I understand why the school is the guardian of each child's self-esteem. Because, in my opinion, that many children are sick. Today it would be called a scarecrow, and tomorrow he killed himself, or kill the attackers.
When I read that in Moscow, the young lawyer shot his colleagues, somehow I immediately thought that this is one of those grown-up children. And then, when reading an interview with his mother, my assumptions were confirmed. The poor woman all his life had treated her son, and now seems to be a cherished dream has come true: he became almost normal, graduated from high school, work, and no one notices! Dream about it all the mothers children with neurological and psychiatric diseases. You can not imagine what these mothers terrible life, because the child must not only be treated to tolerate the antics, educate, teach, almost non-learning, but also to hide from others that your child — "that" …
The surrounding, it is not always sympathetic, and often despised and chafe. And this child — a favorite, most native. He kisses her mother and pressed when trying to access … So, my mother cured "arrow." But there were "good people", laughed still remaining in his eccentricities, and thus at once and dashed his life, and his life, and the lives of poor women that life "was carrying his misfortune on spring the ice."
Yes, he's so-and-so, the beast, but we must understand that tease — you can not. No one. Oddities no matter what the bad people, but because the patient.
And we do not even write in the newspaper headlines: "… to be crazy." Word "crazy" is always and everywhere. A "schizo" so generally considered funny word …
But we do not laugh at cancer patients? So why is the word "crazy", "schizo" in everyday life and at the same time as cool insult? Well, let's laugh: "Haha, yeah he's some kind of cancer patients."
Mental illness — not less grief than oncology. Above it is impossible to laugh. They can not offend even in everyday life. By can take a person who suffers from it in his mind from time to time to vote. He is afraid and ashamed of it. His family is suffering. Do not hurt …
In one Siberian city fifteen years ago, a mentally ill man killed a five year old child! Kid told him shouted something offensive. Terrible grief
parents. That's why I say: let's teach our children not to laugh schizophrenic autistic lyudyami with Rett syndrome and other unhappy patients. Let's be considerate themselves. If not out of mercy to the sick, or at least out of a sense of self-preservation.
What I'm talking about North America, an epidemic of mental illness, and soon will touch us. Already touched. You've heard about 20 years ago about autism? Now, many of these children. And they have to learn somewhere, somehow work to feed themselves, to live … Many of them may well lead a more or less independent life. And to tragedies such as the recent U.S. when shot autistic kids in school, there was no let's be kinder. I was even embarrassed for such a banal, boring call.
But even the Bible — the book, which also teaches Nemudrenye things: not to kill, not to steal, and to love our neighbor. Whatever it was. And then, they say, you will be happy.
Or, at least troubles will not.
Illustration of my statement about the unhealthiness of the current generation of young people I have made here are those pictures that I saw hanging in one of the Toronto schools for high school students. Here is a depressing view of the world from the artists …

Evelyn Azaev

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