Anastasia Palazhanka: If there is a common problem, it is necessary to unite all

Held an online conference with the deputy chairman of the "Young Front" Infusion Palazhanka.

May 20 May Judge Frunze District Court Minsk Jeanne Zhukovskaja voiced sentence Anastasia Palazhanka — 1 year imprisonment for taking part in the riots on December 19.

Immediately after the verdict Nastya said: "I will engage in vigorous activity, the active mobilization of the rest of the young people, to convince her that you can not be afraid. As experience shows, and now does the Lord saves, this is my second criminal case, I'm out of the courtroom for the second time, and I was convinced that I should remain in force.

My plan for the this year — further develop the activities of the "Young Front" and do everything possible to ensure that my friends were released. "

Read from Anastasia Palazhanka HERE.

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