Anomalous Center of the Earth

Who would have thought that a small country on the Baltic Sea are related to the tragic events of much of the world — riots, war and the devastating earthquake!

Recently in Latvia almost all over the world come to people who study the paranormal. They, as well as local scientists are convinced that our planet — a giant geokristall On the borders, the lines of which energy is distributed throughout the earth. Several lines intersect in Latvia, and then, if something happens in the country, then hits the UK, Greece, Italy and elsewhere — as well as vice versa. Baltic also energetically connected with Ukraine, Belarus and the Kaliningrad region and the north of Russia …

Ancient Observatory in Latvia often. In the late 1980s, the first program of the Central Television showed a film about a mysterious cluster of stones in a forest near the village of Vaclav: Scientists there have found much in common with Stonehenge and the pyramids of Giza. As an expert lecturer spoke of the Riga Technical University, astronomer, surveyor Janis Kletnieks, proves in Vaidava — ancient observatory, founded BC!

Kletnieks (he was about to turn 83) almost the first in the Soviet Union began to look around the country observatory, which was built from Karelia to the Far East, people who lived thousands of years ago. And then, in 1992, the scientist has traveled almost the whole world in search of the monuments of ancient civilizations.

— Ancient Observatory in Vaidava destroyed a century ago, it remains just a cluster of 400 stones in the forest: one laid out in the form of circles, others — in straight lines, he says. — In Vaidava I investigated with the filing of the Latvian local historian Ivar Viks, who believed that the country is full of places that are energetically connected with others in different parts of the Earth, such as the pyramids of the Maya. One of these — a forest in the town Pokaiņi, ten kilometers of the town Dobel.

The Earth's axis "sticks" from Pokaiņi

According to some scholars, the tract Pokaiņi, in the ordinary at first glance, the forest, — the neck of the "black funnel", sucking in all the power of man. Others believe: underground is a giant crystal, swinging the electromagnetic field of the planet. And still others are convinced Pokaiņi passes through the energy axis of the Earth.

Order in the next stone Pokaiņi Mother. Servants of the ancient cults, modern esotericism and healers still make around rituals. According to another legend, five kilometers from the mother are … Earth's axis. The people said: "Once upon a time lived in the village close to the patient guy. But God to cure him! To test the strength of the patient, God has driven into the ground a stone pillar and ordered: "Turn!" Guy spun pole and … turned the whole world. "

According to Kletnieksa in Latvia is well preserved and another place of worship — not far from the village Araisi. Around lake rises Lazdinyu Iron Age burial mound, where they found a circle of stones.

It was believed that such circles shield from the world of live transition of the dead. In arayshskom circle of stones, as in the English Stonehenge, is the "gate", where you can enter, as well as guidance in the direction of sunrise and sunset, — says the source. — In the place of burial is not, and I am sure there was an ancient observatory!

We found similar places in Lithuania. Women face buried there strictly to rise, and the male of the sunset. The same burial found in the mountains of Crimea. There's even a specially arranged the stones: at certain times the sun's rays fall between them clearly in a place of worship. Such an arrangement of stones is associated with ancient traditions that existed in many nations. In Ireland, there are numerous dolmens — Newgrange is one of them: the stones are strictly focused on the winter solstice and summer. The same thing is in the Orkney Islands of Scotland, where the stone structure is much older than Stonehenge. Who found them? Representatives of the first civilizations of the Earth!

Shakes Latvia — the whole world shudders

But there is also another version: in places like Vaidava, Araisi, In Kainuu, in ancient times performed rituals that can not only change the weather in any region of the earth, but even move mountains! Is this true — the question. But the fact that the Baltic States is directly related to other parts of the world — no doubt. This convinced known Latvian scientist, head of the NGO Enio-Eksperts Yuri Lear:
— Latvia is located in the ancient seismic zone, which converge extremely long tectonic faults. Energy passing in faults, extremely powerful. The whole earth is working principle of the "swing", and this is expressed in terms of seismic or any change in climate as follows: when in one place shook, too, in another unexpected happens pulse begins hurricane or drought occurs. In this case all the processes taking place in the Earth's crust and atmosphere, influence the behavior of a man on his psyche …

In our region, located on one side of the "swing", seismically linked their other side — the south of Greece and Crete, and "beam" — is the Carpathian Mountains. Approximately on the same principle of "swing" (in different scales) we are connected with other regions of the Earth.

Just the Facts

April 17, 2007 earthquake in Sweden, near the island of Gotland, and soon near the Latvian town Daugazpils recorded tornado, and two days later the "funnel" seen near the village Akniste. April 18 there was an earthquake in the north of Norway, and in Latvia there was a car accident with fatalities on the road near the river Lorupe. Near Lorupe — the point of intersection of sedimentary faults, which, as if by power lines, earth energy is transferred from a larger fault. It comes to the surface and strikes, including on the psyche of people. Accordingly, when on one side of the "swing" was an earthquake, on the other can, for example, aggravated criminal situation.
April 20 in Norway in virtually the same place another short earthquake happened, and the Baltic states have been failures in virtually all mobile operators. The fact that the energy passing through the lines of faults, interferes in all ranges of electromagnetic waves — says the researcher.

Clouds will talk about the disaster

Meet us Yuri Lear brought globe, all striated lines — net, which is based on the "crystalline" principle, developed in the 1980s by Soviet scientists. Several lines goes through Latvia, to be exact — in Riga district and the capital Riga. In the direction of a line Riga connected with the UK, and on the other — from Sicily.

Land — this is geokristall, which has very many edges and surfaces. Along the edges of the crystal, as the channels, pumped energy of the planet, passes and information about the vibration of the crust. This information is "attached" and in the clouds. During earthquakes form clouds clearly repeats the fault line in the earth's crust, as if etched in the sky.

Clouds are strictly related to what is happening in the earth's crust. After all, what an atmosphere? This collection of gases. A impulses emanating from the earth's crust, work like a piston: the surface layer of the atmosphere above the shock moves, as if pressed. Impulse force, spreading up compacts gases that comprise the atmosphere. Here you have a cloud, "squeezed" in a certain rhythm.
Others suddenly "special clouds" appear over Latvia, if an earthquake happens, for example, in the UK and the eruption of a volcano — in Sicily? Baltic is a power line to the UK, on the other — with Sicily. Earthquake waves of the two areas can reach Latvia, where three long transcontinental fault, dividing much of the planet's surface on the huge blocks.

Wave will go over the edges geokristalla which are rigidly connected to the electromagnetic skeleton-grid earth. And all of it is connected with the processes occurring in the core of our planet. And it is correlated with the vibration of the core of the Sun, which recently behaves unpredictably! But the mentality of people in exactly the same effect on the Earth's electromagnetic skeleton. No mystery! A person is a carrier of the electromagnetic field and a static charge. This fact has long proven scientifically. In the end, all that happens in the world, has a strong human psyche — the media and the generator of electromagnetic fields, as well as our negative energy affects all processes in the heart of a living planet, — Jury Lear.

Source: "Interesting newspaper. Unknown world" № 20

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