Anomalous zone

The world map has long been no more white spots. But there appeared to anomalous zones, where, if you're lucky, you can shake hands with a stranger, if not go to a parallel world. However, in case of bad luck, "tourists" are guaranteed in serious trouble. Tell a "step" on how to behave in an anomalous zone, consent of the Director of "Russian UFO station» (RUFORS) Nikolay Subbotin.

— Nicholas, so what is anomalous zone and how it manifests itself?

— If we stick to the concept adopted by researchers, the anomalous zone (AZ) — it is a local territorial area where there are phenomena that modern science can not explain. For example, the appearance of UFOs, energy education in the form of luminous balls pillars. The phenomenon of holographic demonstrations — glowing screens, moving geometric images — also indicate to you that you are in AZ. It should be alert and if you notice a temporary anomaly — when the clock will gain or lose. Or you will feel as if someone is watching over you — you will hear heavy footsteps, blows through the trees, the car's body, but the very source of the noise and does not seem to leave no trace …

— Tell us what is fraught meeting in the anomalous zone with representatives of other worlds?

— During most of close contacts — a UFO or enlonavtami — untrained people tend to experience the range of negative impacts — both accidental and intentional. Based on data from the book by L. Lefere "Diseases contactees", the results of observations of the Commission for the Perm AZ and my own experience, I can identify six main types of such exposure. Headaches, tiredness, fatigue, nausea resulting from the sharp rise in blood, and can be, and intracranial pressure. Generally random contactees have severe psychological and psychic effects, which may result in partial or complete amnesia. But memory is restored: spontaneously or under hypnosis. But most of all about his encounter with UFO contactees random do not remember anything.

What else could bring contact with an alien civilization? Temporary paralysis, skin diseases, when the spots appear on the skin of red, green or white. In short — a whole bunch. There is still such attack as "Arizona fever": the disease was first noted among a group of researchers Greater Arizona crater. Typically, the fever begins on the 14th day after the contact and ends with heat shock and blood clotting.

— It turns out from the UFO had to run away from the valley? Or there is still a way to communicate securely with such anomalous objects?

— Yes, of course: if you follow the safety rules, everything will be fine. So remember. At a meeting with UFOs or humanoids in any case, do not approach them. It is better to hide in the shelter: watch the events can only be a last resort. If not, then wait as long as UFO or humanoid not disappear, and then immediately leave the venue. The incident immediately to the nearest police station.

If contact could not be avoided, in any case not to take actions that could be interpreted as an attempt to attack! Do not make the racks of boxing or martial arts, do not threaten, do not threaten. Impermissible use of weapons: in response to received radiation impact or effect on the level of consciousness.

If you try to steal the aliens, the charges in a sense of fear and at least mentally try to dissuade them from such actions. In no case do not accept the invitation to visit the UFO! Stories about visits on board the spacecraft are many, but cases of complete disappearance — a thousand times more! If UFO emits visible rays, try not to fall into the zone of action. Particularly dangerous green light and bright "traffic light" light. Finally, in any case, do not touch anything that was left after UFO landing: it may be alien wastes, toxic both for themselves and for their alien terrestrial organisms.

— With UFO is clear, but what about the transitions in other dimensions, often observed in the anomalous zones?

— The studies that we conducted revealed a number of interesting features are common to all the anomalous zones. I even put forward the hypothesis that AZ — the doors to other dimensions, portals through which we can enter into other worlds. Perhaps it is through them come to us the creatures we call aliens. There is even a special "doors" between dimensions, which opened at a certain time.

— And how do you know where the portal?

— Usually near the center of the portal recorded increased magnetic field. Often, before the opening of the portal in the air, forming an unusual fog. In addition, the "door" to other worlds can point the light fading into the ground or rises from her ghostly objects moving inside the house, unusual shimmering arrays of air …

One of my friends knew how to use one of the portals in the country and related portals in South America. So here it is easily calculated state of "their" portal of the compass: when it was opened, the needle was behaving unusually. And argued that the high level of electromagnetic beyond normal background, always points to the "door."

— And there are some famous portal, which you can tell the readers "stage"?

— Yes, of course. In northern Peru, Mount Hay Mark, near the place known as the "City of the Gods", an international team of researchers has discovered the stone door. Rather, a complex structure in the form of archaeological dent rectangle on the rock a 7 by 7 meters with a slight indentation in the center.

It turned out that in these places there is a legend for centuries about the "gateway to the country of the gods", by which the ancient inhabitants of Peru were able to communicate with the gods, passing through the magical gates. In addition, a legend dating back to the conquistadors, mentions a priest, hide jewelry and religious objects in the mountain High Mark. To open the gate, he used the mysterious golden disk "key of the gods of the seven rays."

Alas, these days, the portal until no one could open. But people still come to Hi Mark, is applied to the hands of a rock — and with them, the incredible things. Some people feel a strange tingling energy, others hear a pleasant religious music, the third a vision: that the door opens and they're watching what's happening on the other side of the real world.

Interviewed by Dmitry Sokolov

Category: Unexplained Phenomena

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