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Today at a press conference the leaders of the Belarusian Christian Democracy is one of the candidates to participate in the presidential election, Peter Borisov announced that it is ready to support his friend's party Vitaly Rymashevsky. The official statement of withdrawal from the presidential race Borisov will be announced later.

Capital pensioner, a former civil engineer Peter Borisov applied for registration of his initiative group to collect signatures, explaining his nomination as a candidate for president "pandemonium in the country." At his initiative group was 11 people, but how many signatures she collected, Borisov refused to report. October 7, he said that his team together with Vitaly Rymashevsky. And while Peter Borisov stood by himself, now he has joined the BCD. That before he left the presidential race, he says:

"My decision is taken. No one on my decision does not affect or be affected. "

Co-Chair of the BCD Vitaly Rymashevski, in turn, said:

We have suggested to Mr Borisov also enter into the shadow government.

"We welcome the initiative of Mr. Peter to join my company. And we have agreed that literally today the people who worked at Mr. Peter join and flow into my initiative group. We have suggested to Mr Borisov also enter into the shadow government that creates the Belarusian Christian Democracy ".

Mr. Borisov invited other candidates to weigh their potential, abilities, chances to combine their efforts and also to act in favor of Rymasheuski.

Vitaliy Borisov Rymashevski and Peter.

When asked, Mr. Borisov understood when put forward as a candidate that would distract attention from the other candidates, and primarily from fellow party Rymasheusky master, he replied:

"I knew that would distract attention. I and the beginning of his actions planned that if they are on his side some steps, then I'll go meet him. But the more the arena of applicants a fortiori one who has even a sparrow mind will understand: that's acting president, and that's quite a crowd. The crowd did not he jumped up there, the people supported the people. It is a measure of how people are dissatisfied. "

All the necessary legal procedures for removing his candidacy, Mr. Borisov promised to do in the near future.

The members of the initiative group of Vital Rymasheuski told about the many obstacles to the collection of signatures by the authorities.


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