Archaeologists have discovered the sacred hill near Viterbo Etruscan

It ancient inhabitants Eturii burned at the stake offerings to the gods about 3 thousand years ago

The place of worship was found on Mount Cimino near Viterbo, 80 km from Rome, in the ongoing three years of archaeological excavations under the direction of Professor Andrea Cardarelli.

At the top of the mountain tysyachemetrovoy researchers found a large number of items: burned in the fire various sacred objects, food, and animal remains. The researchers also found the remains of the ancient wall that once surrounded the hill, reports referring to ANSA.

The Etruscans — the ancient peoples that existed in the first millennium BC in the territory of the peninsula in the north-western part of the (modern Tuscany in Italy). The Etruscans — people largely mysterious: still not determined nor their origin or their linguistic roots, or their disappearance.

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