Area of fires in the Altai Mountains increased because little snow

Four forest fire area of 10.9 hectares was in the Altai Republic since the beginning of this year, while in 2011, the same period in the area of the fire, which also had four, was 0.16 hectares, said on Wednesday the press service of the regional government.

According to the authorities, with the beginning of 2012, the republic has already registered four forest fires — they occurred in Shebalinsky, Ongudai, Ust-Kan areas. In fire suppression were employed 32 people, five vehicles. Area affected by the fire, was 10.9 hectares.

"At present, the forest fires in the Altai Republic no. Last year, as of the same date in the region have also been four fires, but the area affected by the fire, was much lower — 0.16 hectares. This season will be a fire hazard due to weather conditions — low rainfall, dry Taiga "- said the government.

In turn, the press service of the regional Emergencies Ministry said that the main culprit of forest fires is a man, or rather A human carelessness when using the forest fire during work and leisure. Most fires occur in places picnics, gathering mushrooms and berries, while hunting on a match abandoned, unquenched cigarettes. During the shot off from hunting rifles wad begins to smolder, burning dry grass. Often you can see how littered with bottles and timber glass fragments. In sunny weather, these pieces focus the sun's rays as incendiary lenses. Not completely extinguished the fire in the wood causes the next big disaster.

In connection with the start of fire season lifeguards urge people to remember how to behave in the forest, to comply with fire safety, do not plant fires, do not throw burning matches and stuff.

The head of the region Alexander Berdnikov at the last meeting of CSF reported that early spring fires provoked little snow, may require some extraordinary measures, such as public access to the forests, may be banned in the most dangerous period.

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