Area of forest fires in Siberia has almost doubled — MOE

 The area of forest fires in Siberia for the past day has almost doubled — from 2.918 to 5.561 thousand thousand hectares, said on Thursday the Siberian Center of MOE.

"There are 45 forest fires on an area of 5.561 hectares. 14 is localized fires in the area of 5.221 thousand hectares," — said in a statement.

The most difficult situation is in the Baikal region, where registered two major fires, the total area of 5000 hectares.

"The second day in a row continues to operate a large forest fire in the area Duldurginskom Transbaikalia. During the day, he had spread over an area of 4.3 thousand hectares. Now localized fire in less than 12 kilometers from the village of Ara-Il. Extinguishing a forest fire involved 50 people and 16 pieces of equipment, "- said the boundary GUMCHS.

Another large wildfire operates in southeastern Transbaikal Territory, Olovyaninskom district, an area of 650 hectares. By Thursday morning it was also able to locate.

Centers continue to evolve in the Irkutsk region. For the past day, their number increased from four to 29, managed to eliminate 17 wildfires on an area of 93 hectares. On Thursday morning, reported 12 fires on the total area of 131.7 hectares, five of them in the area of 95 acres located.

The situation in Buryatia in the last few days due to the precipitation stabilized. As of Thursday morning, there are two in the control forest fires in the area of 2.3 hectares.

In the Krasnoyarsk region number of the centers for the day decreased from 36 to 22, but the area of fires increased from 195.8 to 236.5 hectares.

Some more forest fires registered in Tuva and Western Siberia.

As noted Siberian Emergency Center, the main cause of the fires — human activities. Most often it burns dry grass and negligence in the forest.

For the past day conducted 677 raids to detect cases of violations of fire safety in forests, composed 123 administrative protocols.

For the next day, according to the Emergencies Ministry, the risk of new outbreaks is not excluded, even at low and middle classes of fire danger in the entire district as 87% of all fires are lesions, caused by the fault of the local population.

"The probability of cross-border fire, as in Russia (Omsk, Novosibirsk region, Altai Territory, the Republic of Tuva, Altai, Transbaikalia territory) and adjacent countries (Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China)," — g8ovoritsya agency reported.

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