As Americans conquered Russia

Late last year, the U.S. military attacked a Pakistani checkpoint, which killed more than 20 Pakistani soldiers. After such bezpretsedentnoy nerve (actually attack without a declaration of war) Pakistan just stopped NATO cargo transit through its territory. As it turned out, not forever.

Pakistan announced Tuesday that paves the way for NATO cargo to transit through the country to Afghanistan. Over a span of 7 months transit banned, reports NTD.

All of this is somehow a long way, and in general could not pay attention to these showdowns, but for one event, which occurred just between the two described above. March 21, 2012 Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said Ulyanovsk was chosen to carry the goods of NATO from Afghanistan. Of reverse speech then did not go (because the Americans were going to kind of get out of Afghanistan by 2014), but it also can not be ruled out. Especially since the whole chain of events starting with the planned execution of the Pakistani military just to open up additional routes for NATO cargo.

Meanwhile, Georgia is so much a part of it anyway settled in Central Asia and will be waiting for the return of the owners.

Something bad, it seems, there is afoot … In general, the region can not be left alone.

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