ASD will receive 4 trillion rubles

ASD will receive 4 trillion rubles

Until 2020, the development of ASD izderzhut 20% of the total funding of the state program of armaments Russian Federation for 2011-2020. As reported by "Interfax", said Alexander Sukhorukov, First deputy defense Russian Federation. The amount of funding programs from state caused at the level of 23 trillion. rubles. Around 20 trillion. of them will receive the Defense Ministry.

Sukhorukov thoroughly talk about acquisitions in the interests of ASD did not, but he noted that one of the systems will be acquired radar EWS "Voronezh", which deals with the creation and Saransk Television plant. "The contract we have currently, it will be completed in 2017-2018 gg., That will allow to ensure timely supply of equipment for the early warning system," — said Sukhorukov.

As previously reported, in Russia will build three plants producing EWS, that will accelerate the establishment of modern technology for the aerospace defense. In addition, the construction of new early warning radar in five Russian regions: the Omsk and Murmansk regions, Krasnoyarsk and Altai territories, and the Komi Republic.

Well first of February it became clear that the first troops ASD in the Armed Forces will be use only digital communications standards. This type of communication will be use for the rapid transmission of disk imaging tools to detect Fri response and management.

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