Astana attack the hordes of caterpillars

Astana attack the hordes of caterpillarsAstana attack the hordes of caterpillars! Voracious insects destroy almost all vegetation, leaving behind only the bare stems. Summer People in a panic, all planting their gardens about die and city authorities to urgently allocate money and prepare equipment for the processing of fields and plantations with pesticides.

Weekday, but vacationers Astana for their gardens save the harvest. Need to have time to sprinkle every tree, shrub and flower bed. But there were a few days ago the hordes of caterpillars poison uneasy.

— That is now all the union. Well, that they immediately begin only.

Leaves in the holes, the potatoes are in bloom, flower beds languish. Caterpillars eat dried fruits even future. Apples are only half an hour ago cut and prepared for drying, and they are already dozens of creepy insects.

— Here, take a photo, we will have.

Young beans — the favorite delicacy of the tracks. Do not hesitate to take the insect and potato leaves, flowers, pumpkins, fennel — in short, everything that grows in the garden.

Appetite crawling pests can only envy. If vacationers several times a day poison insects somehow driving them away from their gardens, on vacant lots in the neighborhood stuffed caterpillar even wormwood. Leaving only bare stems.

Catherine Tsentomirskaya sounded the alarm last week when her cottage filled the meadow moth. Butterflies made clutch and a few days in the gardens there were thousands of caterpillars.

Catherine Tsentomirskaya, Summer Resident:

— We enlisted the help of the Ministry of Agriculture. We would first like as promised, I went to his treasurer, she called back, and he said: We have no money. Fight for yourself. Well I'm going? On the kitchen garden, I'll fight. But round?

Metropolitan Department of Agriculture in connection with the invasion of the meadow moth larvae already announced in Astana emergency. From the municipal budget allocated money urgently, and already tonight specialists will poison pest pesticides.

Turarbek Abdualim, specialist agricultural Astana

— This anomaly, which is repeated every 10-12 yearsWebworm larvae are very voracious and have a very strong damage, up to the death of the plant, whether it is a shrub or tree, or a cultivated plant.

However, due to the money capital akimat will be processed only the countryside, who are reported on the balance of the city administration. Cottagers same officials advise poison caterpillars at their own expense.

Alexander Trukhachev


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