Astral vision — the ability to see spirits when calling

Numerous recommendations on call various beings of the invisible world is often missing an important point: control over the course of the ritual. You can invoke the spirit of hours, but did not know that he appeared at the beginning of the call! Maybe he did not come.

It happens so that some element present immediate vicinity, preventing manifest astral beings. This may be alien to the spirit symbol, metal, or incense. In Goetz (the science of evocation) is a set of criteria by which to assess the progress and the result of the call.

Sometimes it's symptoms as a significant decrease in air temperature, or conversely, to increase. Visual effects like mauve cloud over where you should see the spirit, and so on. Criterion of success is the results of the ritual, as success in that case, which needed assistance, recovery, protection from harm, etc.
However, visual effects — not a frequent phenomenon, and hold a ritual at a loss — not the best thing to do. Developed astral vision allows you to see small changes in the astral plane. The advantage of this is also that you will have control over the course of your work.

It's no secret that cause X, instead of it can come Y. And his intentions can be very treacherous toward you. Seeing the time, that a spirit is not consistent with that to be, you will be on time (very important that the time!) To stop calling and to take additional security measures.
Opening the "third eye" you will not be "blind kittens," which can never understand that behind them is a fierce dog. So, let's get to the exercises …
For training need to spend about 20 minutes (can be less, but no more!). The environment should be perfectly comfortable. No unnecessary noise disturbance. No one should disturb you.
Stock up on grass sage. Fumigating them with a place of workout you clean it from the presence of unwanted "guests", which you can not yet see. The smell of burnt sage is not very pleasant, but it is — an important element of protection.
After taking a comfortable position, you need to calm thinking.

The body should be as relaxed. It would be better if the stomach will not be burdened with food. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths. At least a minute, try not to think about anything. You will understand that it is quite difficult. Then, focus your attention on the point between the eyebrows. Your mind must be there. A few minutes later fixation of consciousness on this point, the "withdrawal" of its boundaries of the body. First, at 10 cm, and then — at 30. Transfer the consciousness at this point.

Try to see from this point of the world. Maybe he will look very different than usual. This is normal, as one and the same thing has an energy structure, which is usually not visible. If nothing was visible — take heart.

Generally, the psychic exercises should not be evaluated emotionally. Get something good, but did not work — still great, as you follow the path of self-improvement!
But for those who are not haunted by the question: "When?" Answer, giving every day of the third eye training to half the time, you can have half a year to achieve certain results.

Based on the results of students at the University of Munich Parapsychology, we can conclude that: astral vision — not the most difficult, which is accessible to man. A month later, many can identify the color and shape of objects with his eyes closed.

View, there are a number of cases becomes available method to determine the correct course of the ritual.
Using the technique of astral vision, you can see the aura of people, objects, creatures, elementals. They have many different forms, and sometimes stick to the evil man to such an extent that he becomes like one big, shapeless spot. Yes, this ability requires a strong nervous system. But how to do it such as to withstand even the terrible visions, talk next time

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