Atypical emergency in the desert. Heavy rain washed away the railway Aktau — Shetpe

Strange, very strange climate in Mangistau. When Zhanaozen and Beineu suffocating heat, in Aktau light clouds, and at the same time in the middle between these settlements is torrential rain. This is what happened today, August 19. Torrential rain hit Shetpe and railways washed away between 14 and 15 patrol, it was reported to us Emergency Situations Ministry Mangistau region. As the head of the Department of Emergency Situations Serik Khairushev, resulting in rainfall and damaging ways, the station could not reach Mangistau train Astana — Aktau. But from our side could not go on the way back part of Aktau — Atyrau.

By decision of the Akimat of Mangistau region was formed a column of buses that will transport passengers from Aktau to Shetpe. And these same buses should pick up passengers from the Astana train and delivered to Aktau.

With regard to the locomotive, which was to go to Atyrau, his fate is still unknown. He will go to the North only after be impeccably renovated track.

SUMMARY MOE of 20 August

Mangistau region, Mangistau region. Due to heavy rains podtopilo a / d local "Aktau-Shetpe" 132 km "Aktau-Kalamkas" 79-102 km. After the repair work of the road open for vehicles.

On the segment w / a path between 14 and 15 in the vicinity of sidings. Shetpe because of the risk of travel in 19 hours 25 minutes. 2 suspended movement of passenger trains: № 38 "Astana-Mangyshlak», № 310 "Aktobe-Mangyshlak". With Art. Shetpe on Art. Mangyshlak evacuated 170 passengers on six buses. The other passengers got before passing transport.

To Art. Mangyshlak detained three passenger trains: № 37 "Mangyshlak-Astana" (1176 passengers), № 360 "Mangyshlak-Aktobe" (580 passengers), № 313 "Mangyshlak-Atyrau" (769 passengers) and 7 freight trains. Passenger train № 37 and № 360 were taken by 22 buses at the station. Shetpe with Art. Mangyshlak. In 03 hours 00 min. train number 37, "Mangyshlak-Astana" sent the passengers in the opposite direction.

At 07 h 20 min. travel on the w / e resumed in all directions with a speed limit at the site up to 5 km / h

In emergency response involving 6 personnel and three pieces of equipment DES Mangistau region of Kazakhstan Ministry of Emergency Situations, 30 Art. Mangyshlak, 30 and 1 recovery train station. Shetpe, 22 rights of the local population, and 22 buses with different organizations.

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