August 11 military engineers celebrate their professional holiday

There is such an important profession — a military engineer. Its representatives erecting the necessary military infrastructure, build housing for military personnel, as well as help restores the infrastructure in areas affected by natural disasters. I think after the violence of elements in the Far East, their assistance in the region will be invaluable. Because — your health, comrades military engineers!


Today, the military builders is a priority for renovation of infrastructure for the storage and use of the latest technology and weaponry coming into the Armed Forces in the framework of the state defense order. Another equally important task is to implement the program for the reconstruction of military camps. On behalf of the Minister of Defence, Army General Sergei Shoigu signed a contract for the upgrade of 50 cantonments. Total 2017 upgrade will be 495 military bases. The bulk of the work on their renovation is planned for 2013-2015.

The organization construction to strengthen the country's defense is the most important task entrusted to the Department of State of the customer capital construction Department of Defense of the Russian Federation. Employees of the Department and its departments are organizing a set of measures on spatial planning and land planning for the placement of military and social infrastructure. To improve the system of military construction in the Department of Public Procurement for capital construction Russian Ministry of Defense has developed new approaches in management and quality control system, as well as proposals for the implementation of public-private partnerships.

Construction of facilities for the needs of the Armed Forces is conducted off the coast of the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean. Constructed a modern infrastructure of military camps, military training centers are being built, new launch pads, piers, runways, housing, medical corps, resorts, educational institutions.

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