Baranavichy city authorities against human rights defenders

Baranavichy human rights activists and observers Housha Sergei Petrovich Roots appealed to the prosecutor of the city to appeal the actions of city hall officials. They are protesting against the refusal of the city authorities to report information about the members of the electoral commission.

Human rights activists and observers registered Housha and Peter tried to find out where the members of the electoral commission, but city officials have refused to report this information, says Sergei Housha:

"Previously published information on the brand of the commission members: who they are and where they work in positions. But recent years it stopped printing. Why? Because many members are employees of the executive committee. Typically, this is an ideological division. But their position they hide, because there were changes in the Election Code, according to which the Commission not must More than a third of the authorities. "

Here's how commented on the appeal to the Prosecutor's Office spokesman Baranovichy initiative "Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections", the lawyer Valentin Stefanovich:

"Baranavichy human rights activists are right, since the requirement for one third of the authorities in the election commissions — this requirement is very significant and important. Elections — it's a public thing, and nothing would have happened to the power of Baranovichi human rights activists reported that information."

On the last day of September, completed the formation of regional, city and district election commissions. Before the November 4 election commissions formed.

Democratic public has the opportunity to influence their formation? Opinion legal advocacy organization BHC Harry Pahanyaila:

"Virtually impossible: there is absolutely no selection criteria for these commissions, there is no transparency. In this regard, there is no possibility to appeal against exclusion in including and through the courts. Guarantees for the opposition parties and public associations in this part of the law is not established. "

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