Belarus, Russia will help solve the problem of human rights

Regarding the joint Belarusian-Russian Commission on Human Rights, which has worked with the Council, Mr. Fedotov told the "Freedom":

"I do not know anything about the work of the joint commission. But, if it existed, I do not see any reason for it not to proceed. Indeed, we have a problem overall. Our union state with Belarus. And I think it's right that it Commission continued to work. "

Mikhail Fedotov was to evaluate the human rights situation in Belarus.

"When I was secretary of the Union of Journalists of Russia, I could speak their minds more freely. Now I can not speak on this issue, as this may be perceived as interference in home affairs Belarus. I do not like. The human rights situation in Belarus will remain in our field of attention, but not in the field of intervention home affairs. Make no mistake, we will help to solve the problem of Belarus Human Rights. We will surely help. But not through the intervention in internal affairs. "

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