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Written Belarusian historian Usovskim almost 4 years ago!
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Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko was not (in contrast to all the heads of homemade states that emerged from the ruins of the USSR) or a member or alternate member of the Politburo and the Central Committee. He had no experience of undercover intrigue, Communist Party leaders to successfully replace the real experience of political struggle. But he was not a cynical disregard for the interests of citizens and sverhuvazhitelnogo relationship to his own purse and worldly wealth, so characteristic of the late-communist leaders of the Empire.
He began acting at random, taking the age-old peasant advisers gumption and wisdom of their ancestors. He defied a million temptations taivshihsya in his very office, he was hired for the job the people of Belarus — that the Belarusian people and decide how he copes with his own business.
At Alexander Lukashenko was not behind the experience of governing the State — but he did not have, and no "skeletons in the closet." Therefore, he began construction of the Belarusian state from scratch.
The history of this building (very incomplete and sufficiently fragmented) described above, what we have today in the bottom line?

When they say that Belarus is the state of the Belarusian people — implying that established Alexander Lukashenko's political system — speak properly. But not completely. The quintessence of the Belarusian political system is the following postulate:

Belarus is the property of the Belarusian people.
What does this mean?
Axiom — the systematic and judicious use of available resources in the interest of the nation, always and everywhere rational and cost of pillaging in the interests of the oligarchy — was the basis of the relationship of President of Belarus to the property that was available in the Republic of Belarus at the time of his election in 1994.
The most effective owner (if the purpose of owning property is the best interests of the entire nation) property created this nation, is the state (administrative staff, created the same nation).
People (through direct expression) hires on as managing national property (President of) the person as much as possible like that deserves the confidence (to date such person was Alexander Lukashenko).
For his part, the President through its designated officers manages national property so that the property as much as possible serve the interests of the nation. The state operates a nationwide property — but the state is very careful to dispose of the property, the President (in spite of its very broad powers) can not be on your own decision on the privatization of an enterprise, to transfer close to the administration of a commercial structure tidbit national ownership. For this property belongs to the nation. Make every effort to bring the property of the nation income — much more important (and many times more difficult) than under the pretext of not profitable to sell for pennies unprofitable plant. State is obliged to make it profitable! To do this, it exists.
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