Blacks couples son was born completely white

April 6, 2012 13:36

In a dark pair in England, who lives nedaleno of Loughborough had a second child, which is the surprise of all was fair, even though Mom and Dad — nee Congo — a dark color. Doctors say it is a genetic malfunction.

Francis Tshibangu and his wife Arlette and the eldest son of a two-year Seth all blacks, as befits the African natives, but just recently born Daniel, was Belenky. Daniel is now 11 weeks, and both doctors said he was not albino, but just had a failure in the genetic code.

 Francis shares tells how he was surprised when he first saw the child.
The father, born of the Congo, which 28 years, living in England for 11 years, he is now a student in sociology. His wife, Arlette, 25. Francis in 2007 was in the Congo, and there he found his wife, who worked as a doctor in Africa. Now she is still working in the shop assistant, but hopes soon to get retraining and receive confirmation of medical education in England.
In the history of the family Arlette generations ago there was a case like that I was born a white child. Perhaps this genetic feature family Arlette said after so many years in the form of fine whites baby Daniel.
Known, if at Arlette had had an affair with a male Caucasian, was born, the child is likely to darkish skin or white, but his hair had he would have been black and curly, but Daniel's hair has blond and straight.
Happy parents affectionately refer to the almost year-old Daniel and find in it similarities as dad and mom. The main thing is that he is healthy.

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