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In the biographical note written that his first works you put in samizdat almanac. Whether it is possible to deploy a bit laconic message?

Irina and Dmitri

Withand Soviet times we had to study the Belarusian history, thoroughly mythologized official historiography. Many myths created th tyrazhavalasya already in the modern history of our country. Among them — the statement that in the years of Brezhnev and his successors in Belarus, there was no self-publishing and literary underground.

Now that we know about the "Conversations" Mikola Yermolovich, and the "Lyustraden" Sergei Dubovcy, Vintsuk Vyachorka and Sergei Sokolov-Voyusha … Archive of Contemporary History published a catalog of "Pazatsenzurny periodical press in Belarus (1971-1990).

Catalog begins with handwriting literary almanac "Blue Lantern" issued NOVOPOLOTSK by students in 1971-1974-m respectively. Just on its pages, and I had my debut.

Some of the KGB probably still remember the cause for which someone has obviously got a new star on the shoulder straps. In the exemplary socialist city, on whose petrochemical giants like newspapers, worked together representatives of 50 nationalities from somewhere found a dozen misfits that come from not just be devoid of ideology, and clearly subversive poems. Yes, and in Belarusian, which was almost the main sedition.

On the slippery path of pupils then stepped Novopolotsk Polytechnic Institute Vintses wisely, Valery Shlikov and Anatoly Rybik who alternately prepared almanac. Around them swarmed other aspiring nationalists, including the capital of Minsk.

Literary exercises authors of "Blue Light" has been called works hard for, but the fact that they challenged socialist realism, there is no doubt. Erotic motifs, sarcasm against communist slogans, the so-called "ink lyrics" — caring for the literary plainclothes enough. Those are not what came out a couple, and as many as fifteen rooms almanac.

When reminded of the "Blue Lantern", the first surfacing of the memory is now widely known in narrow circles triolet Vinz Mudrova "Paris has ever seen …", which will not deny myself the pleasure of quoting:

Paris has ever seen
And from what I drink ink.
I miss about my fate:
Paris has ever seen.
Bottle drunk — quite.
I sit on a chair and sing:
Paris has ever seen
And from what I drink ink.

To get to those days in Paris, we were not much easier than anywhere on Mars. Probably for this reason, for the first time in many years came in the French capital, the first thing I found on the banks of the Seine couple klyasharav. After drinking a bottle of Bordeaux for courage and tried to explain to Parisians that they face a man who has accomplished a fantastic youthful dream, I said pradeklyamavav Vintsesev poem. It was one of the most zhytstsestsvyarzhalnyh played in my life.

But readers of "Blue Light" was met in its pages and a string of other species. The very wisely said:

Speak Belarusian …
As the tram look at the hare,
So look at me Etruscans
From Osveja to Luninets …

Vasmiklyasnik Andrew Hrabě not the most talented of the "lihtaravtsav" which a few years later mysteriously die in the army (and in a few decades will be the hero of my book, "The names of Liberty") was even sharper:

'll Move on Belarus … Lightning in the sky ablaze.
Groaning under the yoke of the East is our land …

Quote ashamed of himself. Did I mention that the very first verse, called childish non-independent, naive and desperate: "The Last of the Mohicans." However, he ended with an optimistic and self-confident statement of what we are — yet not the last, but just the first.

Then Comrade Major-eyed svyardelachkami will carry with me in Minsk "preventive conversations". Interest him, who the Etruscans. And what does the line "dirt roads of October" in the poem "October" with low "Twelve Months"? And how did it achmuryts purebred Russian nationalist dope boy from the Perm region Andrei Hrabovo?

Around the same time in Novapolatsk taken from the institute's lectures and drove in a black "Volga" in there the KGB department of my friends.

Made by us in the early 1990s, an attempt to return the confiscated almanac was in vain. Probably, all fifteen of the "Blue Light" is still (incommunicado) expect freedom somewhere spetsarhive — prison for books and manuscripts. At least I want to believe that they are, to use there the lexicon, not eliminated.

The fate of the authors anthology deserves a separate discussion. I note only that Vinz Mudrova one who reads in Belarusian, should be familiar. In my opinion, he was one of our most exciting contemporary novelists. Vintseseva book "Family Album" graced the Library of Liberty XXI century.

Nastupnitsayu "Blue Light" turned "Milavica" typewritten almanac that we Gennady Kulazhenko, Igor Cherniavsky, Yura Bondarovich, Edward Zaikovskii and others have started to give to a State University of Baku.

"Milavitsa" luckier. I shoot with my "golden" one of the shelves of her room, in the chest and back splashes youth …

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