Brest democracy activists against police

Society Leninsky district court of Brest is considering a complaint Victor Tchaikovsky, leader of Brest Movement "Perspective", and Valentina Lazarenkova Party member BSDPG on illegal, according to activists, the actions of the police. Employees of the Department of Internal Affairs on transport by an anonymous call activists detained at the railway station, when they were returning from a conference in Minsk. Tchaikovsky and gentlemen Lazarenkova searched and found nothing — was released. The court's decision the case could be announced today.

The police claimed that they had received an anonymous phone call with a message like Mr. Tchaikovsky carry anti-government literature. Later in the report it was stated that Valentin Lazarenkov and Victor Tchaikovsky transported literature which offends the honor of the country's leader. Nevertheless, even at personal inspection did not find any literature.

Victor Tchaikovsky, leader of Brest branch of the movement of entrepreneurs "Perspective", said the policeman in their presence, someone called and said that there was a puncture. Tchaikovsky believes that detention controlled security forces. No illusions about the decision of the court is not:

"Unfortunately, 90 percent confident that the court considers the actions of the relevant law and make the decision that while our basic civil rights are not violated. Unfortunately, experience shows thus. "

Valentin Lazarenkov, BSDPG member of the party, said that such cases should be reported, as they suggest that society is not all right:

"All of these searches, detentions, inspections are carried out on human beings, that have his view of reality. Therefore, I believe that the security services, the police carried out the orders of the political persecution of the opposition, and it is illegal. Therefore, our task now — in court to show that the prosecution actually exists. "

Hopes that the court will be on the side of citizens from Valentin Lazarenkova not. Currently, the court is not independent, he says:

"If the court would justify the actions of the police, it shows also that the court can not make decisions on their own. Indeed, the truth is on our side. Anyway, we will continue to challenge and assert their rights in the higher courts."

Valentin and Victor Lazarenkov Tchaikovsky also insist on the fact that the police and told about the anonymous author who reported Perevoz literature. While the court denies that request.

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