British students will go to the other world

November 22, 2011 19:33

British students will go to the other world

From the UK came the news that a group of students from technical universities has created a program that allows human consciousness to be in another world beyond.

Thus, in an interview with one of the creators of the program shared his secrets of the software. And these secrets have produced a shock in humans. It turned out that one of the UK's hospices in the UK for several months, students conducted a lot of research. People who are doomed to die, they implanted special sensors that capture brain impulses of their activity. Next, these pulses were transmitted to a computer that analyzed through a specially designed program, received information.

And at the very moment when the subject, the body which was implanted microchip special reader, still dying, the computer immediately got sound. On the basis of a number of such signals for researchers to create a particular virtual picture of how brain dead behavior in the very first minute after biological death.

In numerous studies of the brain was almost the same scenario. A computer program reads the same indicators of the cerebral cortex as uzhenschin and men.

Using a special pulse generator, the signals received, not only directly to your computer for further analysis, but transferred to the special electromagnetic clusters. Clusters remain stable for quite a long time.

British students then decided to try it myself, that the subjects felt in the first few minutes after death, but that experiment was very dangerous, that he might decide to only very courageous people. After all, if you get a cluster signal, a living brain can completely stop working, "thinking", that he is given a signal to stop. To still the fatal outcome was not British students use software to block clusters obtained from the deceased.
Daredevil, who decided to try this dangerous system yet found. His brain within 48 seconds pulse attack was exposed, and then began the phase of cell death. This dangerous experiment had to be stopped in order not to harm the brain and keep the student's life. "Back" in mind, he said he saw images of strangers, strange glow and bright flashes. Strange voices then die down, then again were well heard. At the last stage the student saw a bright light, leading him to another world. Students in 2012, the year promised to continue research in this area.

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