But scientists only shrug …

In early autumn, the residents of the Tyumen region Surgut unexpectedly "jumped" a few tornadoes. They settled "hell local hydroelectric reservoir. Phenomenon in these parts, to put it mildly, unusual — after West Siberia — not the coast of America.

It is as if the San Francisco suddenly began blizzard! Aeprochem soon and it does not seem to be surprised. "Recently votv England abolished the traditional Warne first marathon" — because suddenly tore off a terrible downpour and squalls. However, by that time, more than a thousand people have already been in the mountains — had to be rescued poor fellows. And scientists shrug, distinct explanations that surprise and no disasters.

1. Heavenly battles.

Ghosts, ghosts and spirits are not imagined in our time just lazy. Another thing, when unexplained phenomena have been observed hundreds of people belonging to a certain time in a certain place. For example, in the history of the mass of cases where people have seen in the field of major battles in the sky strange "movies." Past battle reflected in the record as if on a giant screen. Such phenomena are called hontingom or attachment of some ghosts in a particular location. Here are the most well-known cases.

V1643 in England near Edgehill fought troops Prince Rupert and Oliver Cromwell. On the ground, left more than five thousand bodies. And just a month later, local herdsmen saw a miracle. In the sky in front of them together again two ghostly armies — the king and parliament. Thundering guns, beat drums, peemeli armor …

In June 1815, a week after the battle of Waterloo, the Belgian town of Verviers residents watched the sky a fierce battle. Rows of soldiers were at each other, firing guns from the flanks rapidly flying cavalry. Over, "insurgent", as in life, the defeat of the French.

In 1785, in Silesia, in the town Uyest, buried General von Cosel. The moment when the coffin were lowered into the ground, in the sky, there was a column of marching soldiers, to pay their last homage to the fallen.

In 1888, within a few hours in the sky above the borough Varasdin in Croatia were cavalry troops, which led the officer with a gleaming blade in his hand.

In Russia also observed similar miracles. During the battle with the Teutonic Knights on the ice of Lake Peipus 1242 s, many of the troops of Novgorod Alexander Nevsky seen to Russian to the rescue suddenly appeared in the sky, "God's Regiment" … And the night before the battle of Kulikovo soldiers Dmitry Donskoy saw Peter destroyed the clouds basurmanskoe army.

…All of these cases are described in the chronicles, in newspapers, in the memories of eyewitnesses. Obviously, people did see something in the sky. But that was it — scientists have no clarity.

Mirages occur because of the refraction of light in the thickness of the atmosphere. Their detailed study of American physicists A Fraser and W. Max. They noted the surprising property of "air lens" to create a different vision and alter the information carried by the light as it propagates through the air mass. A sort of giant "projection." But it is not clear why these mirages may appear long after the battle.

Mass hysteria? Unlikely. Often, it does not have any objective reasons and prerequisites.

Parapsychologists, of course, know the answer: the secret of "celestial battle" in that time the real battle is a powerful outburst of psychophysical energy. This clot is embodied in space and then turned the vision in the brain sensitive people. Overall, good, but too otherworldly.

And how then to explain the two descriptions of "heavenly battles." In 1686, in England at this here heavenly procession of troops on the ground showered guns, swords, helmets. And in 1880, after the "celestial battle" over the borough Kilkenni on earth found broken trees and traces of blood on the grass … A joke? Fantasy writers? It may well be true. But beautiful.

In short, the celestial "hits" and have remained a mystery. But there were other obscurity, more prosaic.

Rain of animals.

A curious natural phenomenon, known since ancient times. Always looks about the same. Heavy rain, wind, the sky is black. And then on the heads of astonished citizens begins to crumble any small animals!

September 7, 1953 thousands of frogs fell from the sky on the City of Leicester, Massachusetts, USA.
August 1978 was rain Shrimp in New South Wales, Australia.
Scientific American Magazine January 15, 1877 registered a rainfall of snakes, which reached 18 inches length {about 45 cm) in Memphis …
In the United States there were more than fifteen rains of animals only b XIX century.
In 2002 came a rain of fish in the village of Corona (Greece).
In 2007 came a rain of spiders in the province of Salta (Argentina).

Scientists agree that such a wonderful "draft" — the result of tornadoes and hurricanes, which collect the "harvest" from the fields and waters and evenly disperse it in a certain area. However, there is a mass of mystical theories. N particular, showers of frogs and mice are considered to be the result of witchcraft witches, "Live" rains attributed teleportation, aliens, and the security services of experiencing biological weapon. As they say, you want to — believe …

Giant hailstones.

Kriometeority, huge Glybin ice, out of a clear sky falling from the cab began to appear recently. August 13, 1849 d, on the island of Skye (Scotland) dropped a block of ice weighing over half a ton, destroying the building. Similar incidents occurred April 2, 1973 g, in Manchester (England), April 25, 1969, in Lakewood, NJ (USA), May 8, 1970 in Yagotin (Ukraine). Over the last decade were about 50 such incidents.

Contrary to some theories are not meteorites from outer space. Scientists write this off as a consequence of global climate change. Interferes with the circulation of the air layers: one warm more than others — less. This allows hailstones longer hang in the air. Reach a critical mass, a piece of ice falls, accumulating on itself all new layers of moisture and become very very indecently large.


Fireballs were also found in the ancient times and have always been considered something otherworldly — from cars to gods Restless human souls, Ufology too happily credited ball lightning extraterrestrial origin.

A chance to meet this phenomenon is about 0.01 per cent, but, nevertheless, contacts occur:
August 17, 1978 a group of Soviet mountaineers camped in the mountains of the Caucasus, was attacked by a fireball. Fireball in turn blew in their sleeping bags. One person was killed and four were severe burns,
July 7, 1977 two fireballs in the open theater in Fujian Province in China killed two children.
August 1980 in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), a red ball chasing people, set fire to their clothes and burned several houses.

Interpretations are many. There is a version that the cloud to ground a standing alektromagnitnaya wave, which may form a gas discharge, moving along field lines. There is a version of the plasmoid, thermochemical effects occurring in a saturated water vapor at high electric field … However, all this does not explain the "reasonableness" of ball lightning — it seems that she is moving intelligently, circling the obstacles and getting into the room through the smallest holes …


Often ships disappear into the sea. Not only small yachts — is lost, and a hefty supertankers. Over the past 20 years of "Titanic" in the oceans disappeared more than two hundred. The cause of most accidents became suddenly emerging on the surface of the sea waves the size of a multi-storey building. are rushing at breakneck speed to the ship.

Shooting satellites have confirmed the existence in the ocean Bolney single-rod height of 40-50 meters, the Director of the Institute of Marine Geology and Geophysics, Boris Levin believes that the giant waves — the result of a random addition of the amplitudes of ordinary waves. But, unlike the tsunami, they can not be predicted. The more dangerous. Here you have the devil still waters …


WHERE AND WHEN. August 21, 1986 in the vicinity of Lake Nyos (Cameroon), 1700 people died — they died of asphyxiation.
August 15, 1984 at Lake Monoun (also Cameroon) similar accident claimed the lives of 37 people.

EXPLANATION OF SCIENTISTS. It was found that of these mountain lakes for a few hours pouring huge amounts of carbon dioxide. In the case of carbon dioxide Nyos killed people and animals at a distance of 25 km from the reservoir. , The term "limnological catastrophe", it means the release of open water accumulated gas due to "trigger" — on-VAPA, landslides, earthquakes, etc. Similar Lake (potential killer) is in the U.S., Japan, France, and Germany.

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