By Boris Olshansky

Beautiful paintings by Russian artist Boris Olshansky. Boris Olshansky was born on February 25 in the city of Tambov. In 1980 — graduated from Penza Art College named after K. Savitsky, in 1986 — graduated from the Surikov Institute in Moscow. Since 1989, member of the Union of Artists. In 1993 — Exhibition (more than three hundred works) in the art gallery of Tambov. Since 1995 — the exhibition in the Central House of Artists on the Crimean Val in Moscow. 2006 — release of the album, copyright, publishing "The White City" in Moscow.

"I'm sure that from heaven for us closely look upon our great ancestors. And the inevitable judgment of history. For the future of truth and faith. From disparate historical information and documents rises Great Rus, pre-Christian. With its great history, which flatly rejected and forgotten. Russian legends, folk tales, legends, tales — what a grand and colorful imagination and the imagination of the artist! Thank God that there were great devotees and great artists: Ryabushkin Vasnetsov, Nesterov, Surikov, Vasiliev … But few, very few names for such a large and mighty power, working in the field of the great and exciting history of Russia.

Understanding this strengthened my desire to dedicate his work history. I drew a lot from life and from memory, creating a solid foundation for the development of academic knowledge. I do not agree with the opinion that a serious academic school binds, and sometimes even kills creativity.

Yes, for those who do not finish my studies — is a stone around his neck, which draws on the bottom, allowing you to see their imperfections. "

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