By Lake Chebarkul allegedly fell one of the fragments of the meteorite

Residents of several regions in Russia today witnessed a rare natural phenomenon. In the morning they saw in the sky a large fireball. And almost immediately after it became known in the Chelyabinsk region has fallen meteorite.

It all happened in a matter of moments. Space object entered the atmosphere at high speed and exploded in the air at high altitude. Then, apparently, it broke into pieces. The blast had shattered windows in hundreds of buildings. Experiencing temporary shortages of cellular communication in some areas of Chelyabinsk gas supply turned off. Schools were canceled classes.

Later in the afternoon became clear the scale of the incident. It is currently known that sought medical treatment about a thousand people, including nearly 200 children. In general, people have cuts from the glass, some of them required hospitalization. As reported in the city administration, the various injuries received 3,000 buildings.

And almost immediately, and started searching places meteorite. By Lake Chebarkul presumably fell one out of the wreckage. In place of the possible fall of the celestial body crater-polynya diameter of several meters. According to the regional police department, there collected samples of black solid, which was sent for examination. It is noted that the background in this place is normal.

Category: Unexplained Phenomena

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