Candidate Profile: Yuri Glushakov


Why do you vyluchaetsesya for president?

The hero of the famous film said: "For the power offensively." It hurts me not so much for the state, but for the people. For those people with whom this country for so many years making fun, different and not say.

How to change your board average salaries and pensions, and why?

I would not like to juggle the numbers. The current president promises average salary $ 500, one of the presidential candidates — 600. Who has more? I just want to point out that for me the most important thing has always been the social protection of people. More recently, I myself worked in the public sector has been and researchers, and teachers. And so I know from experience that such salaries can not live. Scanty in most cases and pensions, not to mention the scholarships and grants. We will do everything to bring them up to a decent level. Whatever it may cost us.

In determining the salaries will be important to truly independent trade unions and other representatives of labor collectives.

Which Belarusian enterprises should be privatized, and how?

Almost half of his more than 20 years of work experience I have worked in production, including the workers. When I became a member of the Gomel City Council (2003-2007), studied this question. Interested international experience, including our closest neighbors. I am convinced — 20 years ill shock therapy in post-Soviet space, and indeed a Pyrrhic victory of neo-liberal approaches in the global economy have led to extremely negative consequences. Proof of this — a permanent crisis for us and our neighbors and the global recession that gripped all the newly capitalist world.

I'm not afraid to go against the flow and am a strong opponent of the wholesale privatization. As a rule, all over the world it is cutting jobs and unemployment, and in our case — in many cases and plant closures. That would in Gomel Production Association "Coral". Produced kineskopy gave work to several thousand people, was a "city-forming" for the whole region. I was working there at the time. After privatization, with the participation of some foreign companies in the second half of the 90's, the company is said to have kicked the bucket.

In private ownership can be and work effectively only small businesses. Medium and large have become national property. They need to be in control of their labor collectives through an elected or hired by the administration. The man himself has to be the master at his workplace. A privatization of Belarusian industry in favor of foreign corporations threatens the sovereignty of our country.

How to reduce dependence on energy imports in Belarus?

Our answer — alternative sources of energy. Not Belarusian nuclear power plant, namely the "green energy" will be the guarantor of energy sovereignty of Belarus. I only recently returned from Germany, where we had several meetings with our colleagues from the faction of "green" in the Bundestag. Discussed there are many interesting proposals in this area.

It is necessary to reduce the powers of the president and how?

I — a staunch advocate of the abolition of the presidency in Belarus. More from the rostrum of the second Congress of Democratic Forces I have opposed the actual restoration of the presidential regime under the guise of "Little Constitution." And for that, then a majority vote of opposition leaders. I never tire of repeating, support for parliamentary democracy should be the local councils. Their power and authority must be greatly expanded. As well as other organs of public authorities. From his own parliamentary practice I know — it is there is a pledge of building a democratic society in our conditions.

Do we need other changes to the Constitution? If so, which ones?

We need a completely new constitution. She declared social democratic republic relying on public self as the Soviets. The constitution must take on the All-Belarusian Constituent (National) Assembly.

Should the Belarusian language to become the only state?

For the coming period, we are in favor of maintaining the status of Belarusian and Russian languages. But with the necessary priority to the promotion of the Belarusian language and culture. For Belarusization, but on a voluntary basis. Any coercion and violence in this matter is unacceptable, since it will only give a negative result.

It should be noted that the negative perception of the experience, "Belarusization" 90s largely due to the fact that people associate it with social deregulation, poverty and chaos that took place at the same time. Belarusian Party "Green" considers itself the successor of the Belarusian national liberation movement, including the "Red October" Custom Kalinowski, the Belarusian Socialist Gromada and the Belarusian Socialist Party — the leader of the BNR, etc. And I am firmly convinced that the national liberation and construction is not possible without the liberation and social construction.

Which should be the status of the white-red-white flag and coat of arms "race" and how to address the issue of state symbols?

This issue must be resolved by a referendum after a free and extensive discussion community.

Should I seek to Belarus in the European Union?

At its present form and with the current state of the Belarusian economy do not. Yes, it is possible. We are against the neo-liberal reading of the EU project, but for the union and integration with the labor, social and "green" Europe.

Should I seek to Belarus in NATO?

No. We are for the neutral and pazablekavy status of Belarus.

Will I lose during your presidency of the death penalty?

I am personally convinced that the death penalty can only be applied in exceptional cases — for example, in the war.

You will be better than the current president?

I will not be the best president. I only contribute to the organization of the best form of government — a real democratic and social republic.

What will be your first decree?

On the abolition of all presidential decrees and other means of "manual control".

What fate awaits the representatives of the previous government in the event of your victory?

I do not want to scare anyone. As I do not want to speak on duty phrases such as "among them a lot of good people." We have a lot of talented youth, whose initiative and energy are now just a "closed cell" bureaucratic klanavastsi yes nepotism. Youth must give way.

But no lustration and repression also will not be. As a result, all of the new administration — from top to bottom — will now choose the Belarusian people.



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