CEC will declarations of candidates and Nyaklyaeu

Today at 12 o'clock in Minsk will begin meeting of the Central Election Commission. It will explain the new provisions of the Election Code relating to the declaration of the presidential candidates of their income and property. It will also consider the procedure for using the state media and the organization of voting outside Belarus. At the meeting personally invited Nyaklyayeu.

CEC wants to deal with the spread of printed materials in support of Vladimir Neklyaeva. The Commission is concerned for two reasons: first, the leaflets are made outside of Belarus, which is a violation of the Electoral Code. A second violation of the electoral law is seen in the fact that distribute campaign materials is permitted only after the official registration of the candidate himself, not his initiative group.

Nyaklyayeu in a conversation with the "freedom" confirmed: CEC message they received. However, the presidential candidate says neither he nor his initiative group have no relation to the distribution of leaflets:

I think this is such an attempt to cope with the campaign "Tell the Truth" and to me personally

"Incriminating that this we have made and to scatter them in the mailboxes. Apparently not look at me as just some child policy. Course, I poet. But not quite so foolish child to the time when the law on them , things are not permitted to do, I myself or any of my people were doing. We did not one instruction in this direction — which in any case, if you go to their homes, not to campaign. Only acquaintance, and no more . And we all carry.'s why I think this is such an attempt to cope with the campaign "Tell the Truth" and to me personally. But let's not get ahead of ourselves — the 14th this all turns out. "

From the experience of previous election campaigns, they know that presidential candidates and members are often mistaken for completing returns. And then there is always a problem — it's an intentional mistake or not, whether they can register either to resign? Chairman of the Central Election Commission Lidiya Yarmoshyna in a conversation with "Freedom" explained. She says that the rules for the declaration of candidates have now become very simple:

"In the past, presidential candidates declare not only their income and the income of adult family members living with them, but all family members belonging to the neighbor wheel, even if they lived separately, now the presidential candidates must be submit a declaration on himself, his wife and adult members of the family if they live with the candidate. "

It is expected that the CEC will allow the presidential candidates in the calculation of the total annual income does not go wrong more than 20%. The error will be negligible and will not cause for denial.

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