Chance of a complete rejection of the meal?


With the growing world population increasingly acute food problem ceases. Especially as fertile land and fresh water is constantly decreasing.

In light of these events, there is quite a radical proposal — an alternative to food. Namely — to get everything you need from the rays of the sun. The idea of "do not eat, drink" in the future will only gain momentum. And it is not even in the rejection of "the usual daily bread" — it is rather a consequence. Same result in the evolution of the physical body: alteration of the internal organs (they say "vibratory level of existence"), changes in body temperature (down) and, as a consequence, the disclosure of hidden natural abilities (healing, levitation, telepathy), and even the extension of life .

Already proven that absolutely anyone can learn to eat "alternative" than put another fat plus the list of human capabilities. As of today, people who absolutely do not eat anything we know about 200.

Shri Hira Ratan Manek, (Shri Hira Ratan Manek), aged 64, an engineer — mechanic, who has resided in the city of Calicut, originally hails from Kutch, Gujarat, just installed the wonderful world record by conducting continuous fasting for 411 days, according to Jain tradition. (That is, the acceptance of only water during daytime and any other food or liquid). Such an experience fasting for 211 days he has done in

1995-1996 years.
under the close supervision of doctors who did not find any abnormalities in the body.


Nikolai Dolgoruky is not of a August 25, 2003. Walks the earth barefoot, sleeping in the winter and in the summer on the street or in one of the pyramids, built in the yard personally own home.

At first, I was drinking milk, cocoa, now — drink only "charged" water (just do not boil), stir in a cup of tea spoon of honey. I drink about ten of these cups a day. That's it! The energy of the sun and cosmos as an organism in respect of photosynthesis are enough for me. I even feel like my blood is updated.

One the most famous and "starving" in the West, is an Australian writer Dzhasmuhin, a former financial adviser Ellen Grev (Ellen Greve), the founder of a new religion "Dyhanienizma" (Bretarianizm, Breatharianism).

Dzhasmuhin says its philosophy is based on the practice of fasting, used by Tibetan monks, and she is a messenger from the "ascended masters", which communicates by means of cosmic telepathy. She developed the famous 21-day "The path of circulation" — the phasing out of food.

Zinaida Baranova from Krasnodar completely refused to eat in March 2000. According to her transition to living without food was accustomed to, and it is easily adapted. But anhydrous had a hard time being: in the cells of the body began deep cleaning, which was accompanied by vibrations throughout the body, weakness, dry mouth as a result of emissions of toxins through the salivary gland. There were also releases on the skin as its peeling and "mosquito bites." This state lasted for about one and a half months. Only full trust in the teachers gave me the strength and endurance.

Living without drinking has become possible as a result of
transmutation transformation
lungs, they gained the ability to assimilate moisture from the air.

The cases of complete failure of the power supply is really unique. Agree that such a long continuous fasting for religious and scientific purposes under rigorous daily medical supervision is unheard of. And none of the doctors who have studied the "refuseniks" did not reveal any abnormalities, quite the contrary — their well-being and health of the doctors themselves might envy.

According to modern scientific understanding, under normal circumstances, prolonged fasting (at random circumstances and in emergency situations), people quickly lose weight. First, carbohydrates are consumed. Then, during the first week in urine ketones appear. Then burnt proteins. Later, all mobilized and used by the body's fat reserves. Before this happens, the person becomes sluggish, lethargic and irritable, his logic and reasoning are inadequate, and reduced vital parameters for 8-10 weeks, according to scientific data, the physical existence will be terminated. Until now, the scientific explanation for this phenomenon is absent.



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