Chavez headed towards Belarus

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez went to great international tour. Within 10 days, he will visit Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Iran, Syria and Portugal. In an interview on the eve of the Venezuelan media, he said, it is possible that these six countries may be added and others.

As for Belarus, which he has visited four times, then this country, on He said, he is going to enter into the "scientific, technological and economic arrangements." He also cited the words of his friend Lukashenko of Belarus on what his country is "saved Belarus from the economic crisis, when Russia cut oil subsidies Minsk."

The Venezuelan leader also said he wants to succeed Lukashenko in the presidential election on December 19, and promised that his country This year, Belarus will sell 80,000 barrels of oil per day.

As part of the tour Venezuelan leader 9th time to visit Russia, and also the ninth time — Iran.

In Moscow, Chavez plans to hold 14 and 15 October. Arrival date in other countries is not yet known.



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