Chechen authorities denied the information about the sins of his own recruits Eyske

Chechen authorities denied the information about the crimes of their recruits Eyske

On May 22 edition Reedus did answer the press service of the Ombudsman in the Chechen Republic on the situation in Eyske. The residents were outraged by the behavior of conscripts called up from Chechnya. Namely, it was reported the robbery, clashes and even rape, allegedly committed by Chechen conscripts who voluntarily left the military unit.

The Ombudsman Nurdi Nukhazhiev said neither recruits nor the military, have signed an agreement, in general, might not be in Eyske, because since 2002 they are not going to serve beyond the Chechen Republic. This information was confirmed by the Military Commissioner of Chechnya, which, in turn, sent a written response Nukhazhiev.

In the light of the statement referred to the Military Commissariat Nukhazhiev information about the Chechen war "blatant lie and a provocation", designed to "raise the degree of anti-Caucasian sentiment."

Yet, in an official statement of the MOI for the Krasnodar Territory, which was released in connection with the "conflict" Eysk inhabitants and soldiers, "who came to military training," said that the facts of "violation of the statute of duty" all the same have been fixed and Therefore, "82 arrived in training sessions and dismissed from the Russian army."

Below is the text of the answer Nurdi Nukhazhiev, appeared in the editorial office.

"We present to you a laconic comment of the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Czech Republic Nurdi Sadievich Nukhazhiev, about disk imaging committed by soldiers in a mess Eyske, for which you are asked to pay attention.

Sending conscripts conscripts and soldiers called to the contract, the boundaries of the Chechen Republic is not done since 2002. This is confirmed military Commissioner of the Chechen Republic of N. Nekrasov.

Because the allegation that the military units stationed in the city Eyske, natives of Chechnya and mess involved in robberies — obvious heresy and provocation. This message is intended for tradesman to raise the degree of anti-Caucasian sentiment.

In the message, vserasprostranennom the Web, said that "… the 82 attending the training sessions and dismissed from the command of the Russian army military unit." Such statements confirm the artificiality of this disk imaging, because for atrocities give military court martial, and not simply dismissed.

Service in the armed forces of — of mandatory constitutional duty of the citizen, and he can not be dismissed at the request of individual commanders, — said the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Czech Republic Nurdi Nukhazhiev. "

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