Chelyabinsk meteorite could be unsuccessful military exercises

Meteorite that fell in the morning on February 15 Chelyabinsk (Russia) nothing to do with a celestial body is not and probably could become a failed attempt to launch a military missile from a nearby landfill Elanskii.
This assumption was of the famous Russian writer, journalist Yulia Latynina.
"I do not rocketeer, I philologist.

And as a journalist I had a few questions. First question: why the meteorite flew in the direction from the landfill to Elanskii Chebarkulsky polygon? Why not if he was flying parallel to the ground, then the path that is most similar to the trajectory of the rocket? The third question: why meteorite "tail", similar to the "tail" of the rocket fuel? Question Four: Why meteorite explosion was similar to self destruct in the emergency situation? Fifth question: why in the search for the meteorite involved so many servicemen (military)? "- Yu Latynina wrote on the same day in the newspaper Novaya Gazeta.

Author of the article also recalled that, at Elanskii range all week are teaching, they even got into the news because of the state of emergency: a soldier hit by a shell from a tank.
"In the news, there were reports that the trace of the meteorite photographed European Meteosat satellite with an instrument SEVIRI. Alas, the picture clearly shows that the satellite photographed plume meteorite in the atmosphere. In space, he took a picture of it for some reason did not, "- she added.

The author also suggested that someone "above" is very worried that the debris "meteorite" is detected board room, and then Russia accused in perpetual mess.
And just a few hours of the column's Chelyabinsk meteorite allegedly removed "at the request of the author."
Officials of the Russian Federation continues to claim that everything that happened in Chelebinske — the results of the fall of the celestial body. Recall meteor rain was recorded on Friday morning in the five regions of Russia — Tyumen, Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Kurgan regions and Bashkortostan. Of the fall of the meteorite fragments found in three areas of the Chelyabinsk region — two in Chebarkulsky and one in Zlatoust.

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