Chilean miners rescue (live broadcast)


In Chile, the evacuation operation is 33th miners who spent more than two months deep underground after a collapse at the mine. Rescuers deliver the miners to the surface with a special capsule in which the victims one by one lifted to the surface of the earth.

For this purpose rescuers prasvidravali separate shaft depth of 625 meters. August 5 after a collapse at a mine for gold miners are believed to be dead. Only 17 days after the accident, they were able to apply to the surface message that saved in an emergency underground room.

The miners spent 69 days underground — and it is a record in such an emergency. In the tunnel were built three narrow wells, which were fed by water, food and medicines. Shakhtar also passed board games and books, so they do not fall into a depression. All this time people were on the patch, the size is not greater than for the two-bedroom apartment. In pits, where miners still remain, the air temperature is 34 degrees, which is in violation of sanitary norms could lead to common diseases.


First rescued miners brought to the hospital

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