Chita.Ru and Commando experienced a new Guran

C 2010 at the 88th central repair plant going first in the modern history of the Trans-Baikal Territory cars under the sonorous and patriotic name "Gurans." Accessories are available for China's largest automobile company «Dongfeng», however, before you begin to assemble trucks, they have adapted to Transbaikalian road and climatic conditions. Improving happens all the time, and more and more "gourmets" go on the road Trans-Baikal.

This convinced the founder of the club SUVs Simon Shifrin, cameraman "Arena" and the team "Chita.Ru" during a specially organized a test drive of the new model, "Guran" — the manipulator. By the way, the plant produced modified truck, refrigerator, hlebovoza, a garbage truck.


                Feels like from the outside, "Guran" was very agile and swift, both on track and in cross country. It is easy to dive into gullies and get out of them. With the same apparent ease Simon Shifrin, the first manager of the boom arm, suffered a huge iron cube weighing 1.2 tons from one machine to "Guran".

                Here's what he thinks, "Saboteur" about a new car:

                — The machine is controlled by a surprisingly easy, and it's not even the fact that there is a full-time power steering. There are more fires an amazing combination of tires and transmission, gear ratios. Rubber is very narrow, it is enough oak, cargo, but tenaciously kept at -30 degrees to the asphalt on the street, that is, it does not freeze in the count. This surprised me. The main longitudinal tread pattern, but the car confidently rides on snowy slopes in the mountain, and with her. I like the old motorist is strongly surprised. On the one hand, of course, lay two-ton load, but all the same the car was traveling. It's great.


                            Full-time heating of the truck is very Chinese, it is clear that it would be very sad transbaikalian winter. It is usually only enough to prevent fog from the window, and then not always. But the costs below a stunning electric radiator, so no matter what temperature the engine, how it works, heater literally two minutes heat their cabin so that it can even turn off. He had the advantage — fast catching up the heat. There is a true negative — it's pretty noisy. But in a purely functional machine who talks about such a comfort? The main heat — and legs at once. Zabaikalie well. You can put yourself in the "Tundra".

                            What else particularly memorable? People who drive in such machines, often taking with them such planchette, which are attached various papers, waybills, invoices. He gives, he painted, but in the "gourmets" planchette nowhere to go. Right panel sloping, not to attach. Is it on the seat. This here is no end for tuning, actually.

                            In fact, we are talking about a double car as a third passenger in the middle will have prim feet. But in the car, you can rest easy. The shift lever does not interfere. It's good. Plastic in the cabin is cheap enough to touch, but still comfortable, functional, everything in its place.

                            During the test, no system is out of order, no matter how I tried.


                                            As for the hydraulic manipulator. To be honest, I did not expect that he will raise a ton of two with an uncomfortable position. We have all seen it. It was the abuse of technology, you know. On the long arm does not work out, with a short shot, but it's amazing. Hydraulic tank, which is located above the operator — it is a scale that shows not only the level of oil in the system, but its viscosity. Realistically determine how thick oil you have now. As we have experienced, "Guran", was below 23 degrees. Many technicians Japanese — cranes, tow — not recommended for use below 20: gum fly out, burst, hydraulic breaks. Here we saw that the car stood a long time on the street, frozen whole, while diesel wound himself without Booster and hydraulics worked easily.

                                            Yes, the car is not without drawbacks. But if you compare the price with the Japanese analogue, which may have provided some of the nuances, in the best case you will get the truck 12 to 14-year-old. Here you get your hands on a new car, the manufacturer on hand warranty.

                                            Elena Romanova, Simon Shifrin
                                            December 21, 2012


                                            PS Semen "Saboteur" Shifrin — author of the acclaimed movie at the time, "Putin's 3 Kalina"


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