Chronicle last space battle bygone era. The truth about Lenin

The tactics of the Hierarchy of Darkness has always been a deep and thorough planning, based on a thorough knowledge of the psyche of people. At one time, they achieved no burial of Lenin's body, leaving his soul in a boundary condition in the Subtle World. Chernosuschnostnym, according to their plan, it was possible to make the image of the leader of the proletariat the subject of a fanatical cult-worship.

His body was one of the major black portals that collect and transmit Hierarchy Darkness psychic energy people. Each image of Lenin, each monument served mikroportalom for the collection and transmission of psychic energy people. Construction sites was carried out in the "best traditions" pin antennostroeniya. Dark on paved highways, they broadcast the energy in one of the main portals of Black Planet — the Lenin Mausoleum in Moscow.

The mausoleum was built on the faults, which in combination with its pyramidal shape, has become a powerful relay, by which the circulation of dark energy. After the collapse of the USSR, many statues of Lenin were removed, but the lack of impact on the situation, since the higher plane continued to operate their counterparts. Before entering into the Age of Aquarius and the sixth race was vital to destroy the infrastructure, eliminate the portal and release the captured souls aspects of Lenin.

During the reign of the Prince of Peace on Earth Hierarchy of Darkness could reclassify many places of power in the world Black Portals. The most powerful black portal became Lenin's Mausoleum in Moscow. It was one of the main portals of black earth. As conductor Chernosuschnostnye used Lenin's body.

Before entering into a new era of evolution has become vital to the elimination of this stronghold of the Hierarchy of Darkness. The battle was planned long ago, as was to be the last battle between Light and Dark Age of Pisces (not to be confused with Armageddon!). At stake was everything as one, and with the other party. Hierarchy of Light could not enter into a new era and a new millennium with a black portal to the heart. Hierarchy for the loss of Darkness Portal actually would mean a loss of control over the Earth and humanity.

Main events took place on March 16, 2001. Strategic plan was developed the Hierarchy of Light, part of which was a group of "X". The circumstances were arranged in such a way that one of its members was at this time on the Red Square in Moscow. At the same time, preparations were in Simferopol.

In the design of the Hierarchy of Darkness included a preemptive strike on a group of first work to destabilize the energy fields. They scanned all of their thoughts. Party «NAM» was in Moscow and we Hierarchy of Light, saw to it that his mind was all that anything but the work ahead.

Starting at noon, the Hierarchy of Light began to pull the main strike force to the Lenin monument in Simferopol (Crimea). Soon the place of work has popped group "X". Hierarchy of Darkness began frantically regrouping from the area of the Lenin Mausoleum in Moscow to Simferopol, because, in their view, the main events were to develop there. In fact, the Hierarchy of Light has taken a diversion — it introduced energy-copy — phantoms his strike force in Simferopol, and the Hierarchy of Darkness could not recognize them and took over the main forces of the Light.

Soon after, the Hierarchy of Light has mobilized additional Energorezerv of the crystals of the Earth and Shambhala and put them on the Simferopol. It was a real energy — not kvazifantomy. According to the plan of the Hierarchy of darkness they had to put a number of preventive drowns strike on forces, as well as a group of "X". They were going to do about it.

However, we controlled the situation. In due time the party "X" "remembered" about his work and about to move to the Red Square. His thoughts were instantly scan the Hierarchy of Darkness. At the same time the Hierarchy of Light cproetsirovala phantom group "X", modeled while working at the Yalta pyramids near the mausoleum. This, coupled with the physical body there appeared employee "X", has made a complete mess in the ranks of the Hierarchy of Darkness. From their earlier matrix party "X" was made in the form of energy-clone sverhemkogo capacitor energy — one of the latest developments laboratory Hierarchy of Light. He was placed above the beam focusing on the Mausoleum. This was the sighting to strike Hierarchy of Darkness. All the phantoms of the "X" was also moved to Moscow, which gives the impression of preparation for a serious fight. At the headquarters Chernosuschnostnyh started something like panic. Some people believe that what is happening — tactic Forces of Light, the other — that is the real events and the battle will take place in Moscow. Time to think not, and they decided to make a major impact on the area of the Red Square. Was made urgent regrouping Hierarchy of Darkness from Simferopol to Moscow. Preemptive attack on a group of "X", so was not done, as it was considered distracting Chernosuschnostnye course -0 bait. They did not believe that we can trust this important work for people, because of the outcome of the battle depended, and our destiny. But we took the risk, giving his fate to people, and no mistake. As it turned out, it was such an unusual step and was the determining factor in our common victory.

Furthermore, it was the following. Having determined that the venue will be the main battle Mausoleum in Moscow, Hierarchy Darkness struck with all his might in his heart, that is, participants kvazifantomu "X". Energokondensator took over most of the energy converted and sent her to the point of localization of the soul over the Lenin Mausoleum. Simultaneously from the center near Simferopol information was sent Ray that, combined with the energy transformed from the condenser to the point, to release huge amounts of energy.

There has been a collapse of space-time, resulting in the released captives soul aspect of Lenin.

The portal has been converted into the mausoleum Portal Light. Immediately began burnout black ties, going to all of the Mausoleum of Lenin monuments — all over the world. Beam path supported collective thought form of "X".

It is particularly noteworthy that during the space battle Hierarchy of Light has spent virtually his own power (Our beam was information, not energy, that is, he was carrying a non-energy conversion programs). We also have people with the power to reprogram the Darkness into the Light and inflict a crushing defeat Chernosuschnostnym. Truly, this battle is part of the golden pages of the history of the cosmos.

Thus, the place in the mausoleum was "free" and in it, you must put the aspects of the Supreme Being of Light — Gatekeeper Light. Such issues are the essence of the Sphinx. The visit Officer "X" in Egypt, on the Giza Plateau, the aspects of the Sphinx had been implanted in him, and brought to Moscow at 14.00 on March 25, 2001. — In the third day of the new moon of the third month of the first year of the third millennium — released at the mausoleum.

Thus ended a grand operation — operation of equitable cooperation Hierarchy of Light and the people of Earth. You have no idea how to live followed developments whole cosmos!

Darkness dominant hierarchy lost control of the Earth, Black Mausoleum portal has become one of the main portal of the Light of the world. After incorporation into a portal aspects of the Sphinx was the channel and the energy of the constellation Leo and the Egyptian Pyramids.

Lenin's personality is surrounded by many conflicting and notoriety. At first it just prayed, and then mixed with dirt, as unthinkable tyrant.

The truth is that Lenin — an employee of the White Brotherhood of Mahatmas Shambhala and Planetary Hierarchy of Light. Do not jump to conclusions! You need to know that we are both "good" role-realization, and the "bad." In fact, we simply execute the necessary for the evolution of the work. Lenin came to lead the country to the bottom, so that later it is with Russia began in the Golden Age. Such a mission was, and Judas Iscariot. Both have made life effort. And you will soon be able to realize this and to make sure. You will open the evolutionary significance of the "bad" incarnations and all that flour, which support our employees throughout their life's journey in such embodiments.

Special black darkness before the dawn. Before assuming the Earth to the New World had to exacerbate the suffering and agony, bringing them up to the critical point. This happened World Redemption. Is coming, and now it is the Renaissance Slavic peoples.

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