Church believed in the existence of witches?

Patriarch is in a very difficult position and is close to panic.

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Because that's what you bastards — these bloggers: mud smeared our native ROC. That was my first reaction to the news that the priests were obliged to Palm Sunday from the pulpit to read a circular of April 3. Text of the circular cited just paranoid. Allegedly in the country intensified anti-clerical forces is ample funding split ROC. Allegedly cynically silly girls "Pussy Wright" purposefully have launched a planned campaign to damage icons axes and obscenities of painting the walls of temples. Ostensibly fighting against the ROC is more broadly against the Russian state and the government. After struggling against it is anti-Christian forces.

Well, apparently the same as it is — a fake! Well, the church could not accept such a delusional to read the document and make it to the walls of the temple! What conspiracy antichrist? Show me one person who would have seriously struggled with the ROC or hated it. Neither I personally, none of my friends have not seen these. Yes, there are those who criticize the individual bishops, but why introduce this criticism as the hatred of the church as a whole?

So, just in case, I went to the site of the ROC. And cold. The document is available on the website. He … authentic!


Bloggers lied just one. To read this text is Palm Sunday no one is obligated. The circular clearly states: "All bishops, pastors and lay people call April 22, the day of remembrance assurances of St. Thomas, the newly manifest worldwide triumph of the truth of Christ, carrying prayers and standing in defense of the faith, desecrated shrines, the Church and its good name. Such prayer and standing urge to make every cathedral diocese of the Russian Church. In the city of Moscow, as they will be committed to the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, before the icons and the cross, the victims of criminals and madmen. "

But some priests made a false start. The first reading of the document after the service took place in several churches in Moscow on April 3 and has continued throughout the week. Under circulars began collecting signatures parishioners.

What happens to the ROC, as this paper are themselves priests? Very difficult to understand. All the water collected in the mouth. Helped me to understand the situation a little priest Gleb Yakunin, who is not connected corporate solidarity, because out of the ROC.

"The paper says that the Patriarch is in a very difficult situation and close to panic — said Yakunin. — Already announced that Putin would not come at Easter to Cyril the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. He travels to Ephraim, who is in a convent under house arrest, to thank for Belt of the Virgin. Patriarch offended that after the antics of the girls in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, which was directed against Putin and against him personally, bishops said nothing. Several hundred bishops did not want to climb it, did not share his anger. And by committing to hold prayers and standing in every cathedral, Patriarch seeks fact that the entire episcopate formally supported him. Kirill has a very difficult time in his life: he put in the absurd position of Putin and the bishops. In order to justify the situation — there is only one: to continue to prove to all that the ROC does exist against a conspiracy. Catch the witch … "

I, like most of my peers, was to go to church in the early 90's, when did Christmas public holiday. What then seemed fabulous services and processions! As was natural to go from the church to the TV, where Pugachev led Christmas music concert! Church beckoned! Promised, as they say, "sbychu dream." The priests looked like Santa Claus. Even at Easter.

Then in the ROC decided it — bad. Need to be more serious. Instead concerts Pugacheva and his friends began to translate the liturgy. Because in them the true value. It is frustrating to Christmas has become boring, festive. At Easter — too. Churching was not truly celebrate the New Year, for the post. At the beginning of the new century, my colleagues on the editorial board held a charity campaign: carted Santa Claus and Snow Maiden and gifts for homeless shelters. In the Orthodox orphanage we were not allowed. Abbot strictly explained that Santa Claus does not exist.

ROC has long become boring. God forbid it does not become scary.

Info: Michael Teeth

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