Come back, we forgive


SousOksana that question you asked Sergei Naryshkin?

Kolb: To clarify as to why it is right now there were "godfathers". Why not before the elections of 2001 or 2006. To which the answer was given to children, "which is a private affair Russian journalists, they simply could not stand patience. And that, he completely Naryshkin these films was not looking, only excerpts.

Sous: How was preparing a meeting? What is the principle of Belarusian journalists invited to the media?

Kolb: A total of 25 members of the media, including public and private. Those that at the meeting with Medvedev, but now has added the editors of Internet sites. Including Radina (Charter 97), editor of "Empire" Internet newspaper "Solidarity."

Sous: Who paid for travel and expenses? When in Belarus are invited Russian journalists, it is usually for them a special program, they carry on the plants, advanced collective farms, concerts and so on. In your case, how was it?

Kolb: According to the plants we did not go and get yourself. Tickets paid for themselves. In Moscow, we were introduced to breakfast, an excursion to Tratstsyakovku, lunch and dinner.

Sous: Or it was necessary to pre-report questions? And what wishes expressed Belarusian journalists organizers of the meeting?

Kolb: No requests were not, and the questions were not reported. The briefing was very short, everything had settled down somewhere in the fifties minutes answers were vague. The main point was not about to listen to the Belarusian journalists or answer their questions. The main thing was to convey the position of the Russian leadership.

Sous: What are the questions asked colleagues? What answers Sergei Naryshkin was sharpest?

Kolb: Cutting issues were not. There have been attempts by the state-run media to accuse Russia of that spoiled relations, there have been attempts to apply the oil tax. But it Naryshkin answered very succinctly by saying that in fact it violates the agreement of Belarus, Russia just for future relations.

SousHow do you think, why organize this press conference?

Kolb: In the near future personal meeting between Lukashenko and Medvedev are planned. This was stated by Itachi. But it was necessary to convey the position of Russia. In another way to communicate it was not. It is this: If the leadership of Belarus recognizes its mistakes and make a step forward in words and deeds, then all will be forgiven him.

Sous: What is the title for the publication, which are working, you will give to your article about the press conference?

Kolb: Now working title is: "Come back, we forgive."

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