Conspiracy theory, Obama and Comet Elenin …


In the days of the proposed approach of Comet Elenin with Earth, Obama goes to Denver.
Any person, gets to the airport in Denver, Colorado, is likely to be shocked by what they saw. This place is the subject of much suspicion and questions to which there is no answer. All structures literally permeates dark and inexplicable symbolism conspicuous to everyone.

Denver International Airport was opened in 1995, despite the fact that there are already functioning airport for Stapleton (Stapleton). Its creators convince the public of the need for the new airport, resulting in such arguments that the town needs a new airport, which will be able to pass for passengers to be more technologically advanced and more convenient for passengers.

However, the newly-built airport, if superior to the old, so it is of its very high cost of $ 4 billion in 1994 prices and a huge area territory (twice the area of Manhattan). Maybe it took to put it runways as the Nazi swastika (yes, if you look at the complex with google maps, you can easily make this yourself), however, even in this completely unique location of its runways bands available to DIA (Denver International Airport) is still a huge area.

As for the rest, the new airport has fewer runways than Stapleton, fewer gateways 111 against 84, is located far from the city (about 25 miles), which leads to some questions as to whether there has been no construction of the new Denver airport aim hide something else.

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura. End of the World 2012


The fact that Brian was referring to the airport in Denver, there was no doubt. This airport, which was built under it underground shelter, speak for many. There is reason to believe that an underground base NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) and CMOC (Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center) on the mountain (Cheyenne) Cheyenne in Colorado, 120 miles from the airport and connected to it underground tunnel.

And this is true or not, will soon find out …

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