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And in August, was the All-Belarusian historical and theatrical show on the occasion of the 605 th anniversary of the birth of Princess Sophia Golshanskaya. What was my disappointment when I learned that the saint are "with tears in his eyes." Hopelessly ruined castle, three years ago, the Ministry of Culture, "cut" and made a part of the church of St. John the Baptist Museum, which was located in a former Franciscan monastery, where every year and there were many art and photo exhibitions, thousands and thousands of visitors. Among other things, the museum was also in poor condition with numerous holes in the walls and foundation raskalupanyh. Therefore, in desperation, former researcher at the 66-year-old Mrs. Czeslaw Okulevich.

Czeslaw"The museum was the end of a branch of the National Museum of Art. Although it is said that "our favorite", but the building 400 years, to restore not pull … "

Reporter"Closure of the museum — the closure of the prospects for Golshan?"

Czeslaw"So, all the things that opened entrepreneurs and agro center, so that the power of a lovingly made — all with the expectation of tourists. Excursions are not kept — sometimes I just have to ask for Halshany. Here, each meter can tell something, and everything is forgotten, people go, the change of generations, no tour guides. The great tragedy! History — an indicator of spiritual development, and the new generation does not know. Without the old life is gone! "

To add some "defuse" atmosphere, offering to recall recent cases of the famous and ubiquitous Golshansky ghosts, who, it appears, still have not gone away. Czeslaw Frantsevna smiles:

Czeslaw"The building of the monastery is so much energy, namolenasts that definitely had something to manifest itself. I brought pictures to the phone — on the 2nd floor is a crowd of people, and pressed against the windows as if the monks in the hood, and holding his hands folded on his chest, give way to people. They came to us with the equipment, checked "aura" of the building, found an increased magnetic background — Hours brought down, if you long to visit it. One man came to my office, falls to his knees and begins to pray. Well, there's something wrong with a person, I think. Says — do not see the image of the Mother of God, and in another niche cross stands? "

(Bute bell)

Fist"Beats noon today. A 9, 12, and 5 pm — three masses on the day that we hear … "

This is the central square joins us layman Paul Kulak.

Fist"The Church — the most beautiful here. So why not free though stones were brought? To the church itself has not paid for the fence, the government would have to put — even to pay for these masters that took them into a plus! I, for one, has given 100,000 — and consisted … "

Czeslaw"In one year the church building is fenced along with a monastery and convent — people helped the builders. The merit of the father Bohuslav — a Pole, but as a priest Bulka, cleaning the Augean stables of our … "

Kovzan"Kladave landscaped — very thankful to Father Boguslaw …"

And it is to praise the priest Mr. Kovzan, chairman of the village council. He immediately asked me to include in the anniversaries of another — trohgodde agro-town existence. But not from Wojciech Ivanovic including depended on that of the 254 million allocated to the unit square, a penny from falling on the churchyard fence?

Reporter"8 years ago your predecessor complained that did not give a starch factory to make unitary joint stock association and farm-millionaire income became a billionaire by State Farm debt — now what?"

Kovzan"The starch potato plant buys now on 300 000 per ton, as well the president says — kg of potatoes per dollar. Built a beautiful agricultural town, invested 10 billion school, a club with 400 seats — overhaul … "

Reporter"What NOT to save the museum?"

Kovzan"Well, yes, but it's not on the scale of the village council. And what a museum? Maybe it's better to save a life, because in an emergency condition, and cracks are increasing. His museum is in high school … "

I pass on the three little rooms of the local 11-tap hole aside nearly half a century ago by the founder of the museum, the local local historian Edward Korzun. Here in 1400 the archaeological exhibits, unique images, most of which are not contained. However, each year there are about 2 million visitors. Widow, Head and tour guide, teacher Mrs. Korzun is not contained, not to tell neshtachka interesting:

Korzun"Around 1280, Prince Golsha loved to go to our great forests rich in game, hunting. Built his wooden castle. People began to settle around. And the prince called the settlement after himself Golshansky. Prince Ivan Olshansky swore allegiance to Vytautas, and Prince Michael Olshansky took part in the Battle of Grunwald. Glorified Golshany Sophia Ol'shanskaya — almost 17 years married a Polish king Jagiello … "

Reporter"You are today the main keeper of Golshanskaya historical heritage. A anniversaries — with tears in his eyes … "

Korzun"Yes, at least over the roof of the tower to the right, and the lock does not help. Preserve — we do not have funds and artists … "

Jadwiga Ivanovna with grief recalls Dozhinki in Lida, who watched on TV.

Korzun: There's so much money is spent — $ 500 billion. So on that tower and ten million would be enough. And now that the elections will be — money, too. Lukashenko still be — what to choose? "(Laughs)

Reporter"Young people traveling with Golshan?"

Korzun"Yes, we have 11 in the class" A "had 13 students — 12 of them went to college, from the" B "class — 7. And there's nothing to do but school … "


In the square I go to a private cafe and restaurant on the fifty seats with attractive title "The Castle". Waiting for coffee chat with a dishwasher, Mrs. Valentina Apanel who worked for many years in the state, "dining room".

Apanel"Private owner is responsible for everything, and there — working. Of course, the salary — 500 000, and then 300 — Belarusian standard. (Laughs) There when the products arrive and go, and here as ordered — all fresh. There downtime — the people we do not live in the West … "

And here is the hostess, businesswoman of the 15-year veteran, 51-year-old Ms. Alina Darnyak. 8 years still has two shops, where a total of two dozen works of workers. Talk at the table, but at the same time consider the picture to local historical sites.

Reporter"12,500 visited the museum. Their absence has affected your business? "

Darnyak"Of course, still went to eat! Cafe decided to name as Golshanskiy Cast
le. Antiques present in the walls of old ladies buying.

Tourists are now on the weekends a few dozen. I would like most is to have renovated museum, the castle to restore. In the world of driving — there is something to see … "

In the morning, one of its main tasks assigned "from above", the chairman of the village council Kovzan defined as follows:

Kovzan"We must finish the board, but the executive committee is going to meet …"

Familiar to me Mrs. Okulevich invited them to his house to meet with her husband — 67-year-old Zdislavam I.. He is a former sailor, Captain 2nd Rank, 15 years living in Halshany. I immediately recognized the last name — he was a regular listener "PC."

Reporter"And you" Freedom "for a long time listening to?"

Okulevich"How come here …"

Together with her husband and a wife Okulevich is "below" analyze the changes that have taken place in the village, where almost one thousand inhabitants.

Reporter"8 years ago there was no bath, skylights …"

Czeslaw"Bath is, but there are only 2 times a month. The hot water in the village at all. Gas — oh, questions! "

Okulevich"Have spent with us just before the presidential houses — they have not brought the tenth to the center 240 meters — put" plug "… "

Czeslaw"They said that the" historical center can not destroy. " So courtyards let me go!

Okulevich"We wrote a petition to the street — from the executive committee sent a reply that" will be let down by one. " We were the very first in the list, wrung their prices — $ 2,000. But, according to the presidential decree, the private property are only the "bends", and gas line pipes — the property of the state. Again wrote that was brought to us. The answer of the District Executive Committee — "not reached" even though I keep the receipt … . "

Czeslaw"And we have lights -" lamps ", do not smoke, as it should. The one that we have, beaten machine. Chairman of the village said that an electrician, a car — a small budget … "

Okulevich"They made fun of agro chickens. There were sidewalks lined with good Polish tiles. They are disassembled, and not fully reported. The office is located in Dorgishki reason. Considered that the building is better to demolish it and build tools are not enough. Do people absolutely nowhere! Starch factory went bankrupt when he gave Golshany as "appendage." Next to us was a lovely linen storage. Now empty — I asked for one to buy a garage. First given a "good" after, said that "the SEC will be applied." So in 2005 storm destroyed the span, wall leaks, broken windows — collapses. Although regularly visited by architecture students to study styling — the value is … "

Like 8 years ago, the last person met, was the 79-year-old former forester, a member of the CCP BPF Sergei Verbitsky. Franz Ivanovich lives a mile from the village, in a privatized half of the office building of forestry. A tall, stocky, seems inflexible, like vows trees around. Treats Medkov 30 vullev that already 4 decades nesting colonies. Strong and his political beliefs and affection.

Reporter"They used to say that" People's Will "to write out one Halshany …"

Verbitsky"Now more — people are no longer afraid, there was some sort of pride — I want to write out and …"

Reporter"17 candidates, many of the opposition — will go to vote?"

Verbitsky"I am still pondering and" negotiate "with Pazniak — I support him and go after him to come, wherever you want. After all, the only leader who can save Belarus … "

Reporter"You eight years ago, said that the opposition in rural areas do not win — you can repeat it?"

Verbitsky"No golf activities. Meet at the hospital, shops pensioners — "taint" Lukashenko, and then say "well, that is given." I told them — and where there is a country that does not give? Then they are silent. A vote for who will? "Well, Lukashenko gives a pension." Youth spilasya in the board — no, that none of them read something, listen. Cattle complex there, a little forest holding, cutting wire — sell what they did not create, and nature. Get a dozen lumberjacks no more than 500 thousand … "

Antonina"At palyavodtve 100 thousand, but give dinners. And for the homeless — something. 5-6 working spityh people — I saw it myself. Hospital saves people — hospital, ambulyatoryya. Close want, because the old building. Oshmyany hospital does not accept, and put on a waiting list. A "fast" — will die, will not make it … "

It broke down and joined in the conversation Mr. Verbitsky's wife — Mrs. Antonina. It was for her, I had a single positive response from the chairman of the village council Kovzan.

Kovzan"The hospital will definitely be in Halshany! 21-bed hospital are all busy … "

Now I ask Antonina Ivanovna.

Reporter"What a herd of cows private?"

Antonina"Consider keeping people — buy their milk is very hard. From cows refuse because they do not give a meadow. In Franz Ivanovich mow between vullyami, different quagmire bring themselves to farm no help … "

Verbitsky"When was Shushkevich, people started buying horses, tractors, rushed to the ground. Came the "father" — weaned … "

Reporter"They tell me that they will die Golshany — the museum was closed, the lock, works, no tourists …"

Verbitsky, "Will die — for me the word strange. All will live, but look who's like — worse-or better, according to Lukashenko, "bad, but not for long." But it is not going to die because there will always be kitchen garden. Land Golshanskaya Vine: stick shafts — will grow cart. I, for one, do bees, plant potatoes, little wheat — there is a small income. I believe in a better future Golshan — if not this government and the president. It should be … . "


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