Crop circles, the connection with Nibiru?

October 29, 2011 23:19

Appearance of the first crop circles, dated 1972, that's when two ufologist Arthur Shattlvud and Bruce Bond, sitting on top of a hill, expecting to see an unidentified flying object that made the area popular with British ufologists.

But the fact, that night they were svedetelyami spontaneous bending ears of wheat and a perfectly flat circle.

At the moment, more zafiskirovano 9000 crop circles. Most patterns in the fields's generated in England and other European countries.

They are also a lot of the Russian Federation and South America. They appear in the U.S., although there is a lot of work done by withholding information. Many associate the origin of crop circles with the arrival of Nibiru (Nibiru) in 2012

The appearance kruga zanimaet about dvadtsati seconds and chasto soprovozhdaetsya squeaking sound that was zapisan nA film and then priznan NASA kak sound artificial (not poddelannogo people) origin.

If you are not familiar with the site, it is a recording channel. From a recent backup, they describe the appearance of the circle, on the field, and as usual the link it with the Planet Nibiru (
Knighton Hill, near Ueylend Smithy, Oxfordshire. Reported on August 29.

This beautiful picture is another description of the collision between the movement in a retrograde (clockwise) orbit of Planet X (Nibiru) with the movement of the Earth in its orbit (occurring anti-clockwise), and between the retrograde rotation of Planet X (Nibiru) with the Earth's rotation (occurring counter-clockwise). The emphasis here is on a collision.

Is there any news on the progress of Planet X (Nibiru)?

Nibiru goes beyond the solar system, approaching the Earth. It has a retrograde orbit, which is facing the Earth's orbit, and retrograde rotation, which also interferes with the Earth's rotation. Orbit of Earth stopped because its path is Planet X (Nibiru). Earth is gradually pushed back from December's position where it was stopped in December 2003, to the normal position of the August. In addition to the fact that Nibiru is approaching Earth from the Sun, it also sends its north pole to the ground, causing a greater fluctuation in the time when the Americas are facing the Sun and the approaching Planet Nibiru. As a result, on Earth there is a magnetic problem.

And do you believe that "speak" the Zetas?

National Geographic Channel reveals details of the mysterious crop circles:


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